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As Henry Ford said, “Business must be run at a profit, else it will die.” Profit is the eternal business topic, especially for dealers and investors when they choose an industry, a product category and a supplier.

By June 2021, Aquark has sold more than 60,000 inverter pool heat pumps, with an annual sales growth rate of more than 200% even during the epidemic. Such a high growth rate is mainly due to the ongoing outbreak of the swimming pool market and Inverpad® – the core inverter technology of Aquark.

As the latest inverter tech generation, pool heat pump powered by Inverpad® Turbo can generate triple business value to the dealers. To be specific, the level of value customer perceived is crucial for Business-to-Business marketing, which depends on 3 factors: customer experience, business value and market potential.

More Energy-Saving

Nowadays, greenhouse effect and climate warming have become a global issue. As many people’s earth-protection awareness raises, it has became common for users to consider environmental factors when purchasing energy consuming products such as electrical appliances.

As an exclusive inverter control system designed specifically for pool heat pumps, Inverpad® Turbo makes it more energy efficient and attractive to users. Take a  50m³ pool in Europe for example, it is generally used for about 180 days (April to October), and the temperature needs to be increased by 1℃ on average per day. The COP of a corresponding 13KW on/off heat pump is 5; While the 13KW inverter heat pump supported by Inverpad® Turbo technology can automatically adjust the heating rate so that its COP will change between 6 and 14.5 according to the demand, which adds up to an annual savings of 1125kW·h. With an electronic fee of €0.2/ kW ·h, customers can save €225 (€0.2/ kW·h X 1125 kW·h) by employing Aquark’s product. So far, Aquark has already saved 67.5 million kW·h (1,125 kW·h X 60,000 units). From reputation of end users to environment responsibility, Inverpad® Turbo redefines the user experience in the pool industry and offers dealers abundant brand premium.

Larger Value

For dealers who need to import goods, besides the costs of renting, procurement, labor, etc., another big budget is the shipping cost. For instance, the sea freight of a 40HQ container just cost around $5,000 before. However, due to the severe COVID-19 pandemic these years, the shipping fee has soared up by more than 4 times. It’s true that many low-value goods might be abandoned for the excess shipping cost; While high-value products can guarantee enough profits for dealers, allowing survival under strong impact of various crisis and winning market share among rational customers. Fundamentally, it is because Aquark’s product is a high-end heater line in the market, and its advantage of high value is more vividly displayed during this special period. Additionally, keeping up with the tendency of times is a key factor for companies to maintain long-term vitality. The stylish, durable and safe pad design by Inverpad® Turbo will differentiate dealers from any others and meet the new trend of consumer’s and industrial aesthetics development. All these makes up a pleasant profit value.

Surplus Market Growth

For global pool market, crisis is absolutely an opportunity. Until 2019, the industry had stayed niche market. Yet, since the COVID-19 in 2020, people who cannot go out have spent more time in their backyard and thus have kept a longer-term exercise habit and awareness. As one of the most popular sports in Europe, swimming has become a favorite form of indoor recreation and fitness. It is reported that less than 2%  of swimming pools in European families are with pool heat pumps, which enable a winter swimming joy. This pool heating industry therefore abounds in market potentials.

But even more important than spotting a blue ocean market is how to stand out from it. Choosing a differentiation strategy is the key. The product is required to be so rare that clients can’t find anything like it. Only in this way will dealers have pricing power and control the future growth in this emerging market.

Luckily, Inverpad® Turbo’s latest product, Mr. Perfect, is such a perfect match. It allows operation in extreme cold temperatures of -15 ° C, providing the ultimate experience of 4 seasons swimming. Meanwhile, double seasonal sales will drive a rapid development of relevant products, such as water pump, salt chlorinator, sand tank, cleaning robot and so on. The sales across the industry have been greatly broadened from a seasonal market to an endless growth market year-round.

Overall, it is worthy for dealers to invest in the Inverpad® Turbo heat pumps for its triple values of lower energy cost, bigger value and higher growth.

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