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In 2020 Tokyo Olympics, what is the foremost well known Olympic sport? In line with yougov. com, 43% people are most enthusiastic about swimming competitions, 36% people are looking forward to diving and 11% are fans of synchronized swimming. As we all know, people are completely enamored with water sports.They are very interested in water sports and actively participate in those sports.



Due to the COVID19 outbreak, people have been locked in their homes and unable to do outdoor activities. Therefore, they have developed many ways to exercise at home. One such method is swimming in a private pool. Their garden is definitely a water lover’s paradise. At the same time, they supported an industry where passion for water has hitherto been neglected: the swimming pool industry.

Recently, more and more people are selling what will become owners of private pools. According to Pool and Spas News, in the first quarter of 2021, the swimming pool company’s overall net sales grew 40% 45% and gross margin grew 112% to $159.9 million. This shows unprecedented demand for swimming pools and facilities. Swimming pool heat pump, etc. Also, based on data released by Bloomberg, in Greenwich, one of the wealthiest places in America, homes with swimming pools were selling 26% every quarter. Currently, that number is skyrocketing to 35%.

Behind prosperity is competition as fierce as the Olympics.
How to win gold medal in inter-enterprise competition in swimming pool industry? By the way, the time of price competition remains in the past. But competitions, like sports, are about skills and values. With the help of InverPad®Turbo technology, Aquark has won the hearts of witty consumers. First, by applying turbo technology to the swimming pool heaters, replacing the old blades eliminates massive noise. In the meantime, pool heat pump have typically been making sounds above 50/60 dB(A). Currently, Aquark’s Mr. Perfect just whispers at 38.4dB(A). Because it is quiet, if you are not careful, you will not recognize it. Pool Fun No more being damaged by the noise of a pool heater pump.

Also advocating environmental appeal, Aquark realizes energy savings of 32% compared to conventional inverter swimming pool heater. You can automatically switch between execution modes via a smart system to select the best solution for maintaining pool temperature. For public pool runners, Mr. Perfect significantly reduces operating costs, and for private pool owners, this energy-efficient pool heater leads eco-life.

The biggest reason people buy a pool heater is to keep the pool water warm. However, some pool heater pumps stop working when the temperature is very low, so they are afraid of winter. However, as a limit breaker, Mr. Perfect can challenge cold winters at 15°C and hot summers at 43°C. Whether you live near the tropics or have a harsh winter, swimming in the four seasons is no longer a dream.

The InverPad® Turbo can satisfy the most demanding consumers, so it survives and grows in the fierce competition of the pool industry. 32% energy saving, no noise pool, 24/7 swimming is just the beginning. InverPad® Turbo can always empower the latest products to give you the ultimate enjoyment of four seasons swimming.