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The fast-growing pool heat pump market is waiting for you at Aquark. Aquark was founded by an expert team with 20 years of professional heat pump experience in pool industry. And Aquark will provide the best inverter pool heat pump solution to global partners.


The swimming pool is a breeding ground for bacteria. Not in summer, the swimming pool is more of a cold place. The steel structure is easy to rust and corrode, and the wall is moldy. This will be a problem for pool owners. The importance of the pool heat pump becomes apparent. Swimming pool heat pump, is specially used to heat the pool, constant temperature heat pump.

The pool heat pump potential market is huge. Hotels, villas, water parks, hot springs, spas, colleges and swimming venues can all be development projects of pool heat pumps.

Aquark’s Mr.Silence series swimming pool heat pumps use Inverquark technology. Moreover, it adopts the industry’s leading efficient stepless DC inverter control system. Twisted titanium heat exchanger lead to 40% higher efficiency than normal titanium heat exchanger. EEV technology allows 10 times flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase the COP by up to 20%. Pool heat pump is widely used in the world. In particular, Aquark’s Mr.Silence series of pool heat pumps, as a new face of the pool heat pump industry, are very popular in the global market. When it comes to the Aquark pool series heat pumps, overseas partners praise Aquark highly.

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