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With the development of swimming, swimming pools can be seen everywhere. The market for swimming pool heat pumps is also growing.

The swimming pool industry has been developing in China for more than 10 years. In the beginning, few companies in the country engaged in, and now thousands of companies has join in it. In the beginning, there were few companies operating in the country. Thousands of companies are now involved. This has really changed. In the beginning, the swimming pool equipment was imported from abroad, so the equipment was very expensive. At that time, there were relatively few swimming pools in the country. Only large gymnasiums or high-class hotel clubs had swimming pools. At that time, it would take more than 1 million yuan to build a swimming pool. This is very difficult for ordinary people to think of swimming in a swimming pool once. The main reason is that the swimming pool industry started late in China and the technology is poor. At that time, there was no swimming pool equipment manufacturer in China. But at that time, the technology abroad was already very mature. The people of the country were only constantly learning to introduce advanced equipment and technology.

After entering the year 2000, the swimming pool industry entered a period of rapid development. Many people began to imitate foreign equipment technologies after learning advanced technology and equipment from abroad. At that time, due to poor technology, those companies could only make simple equipment. Most of them were mainly imported equipment. Foreigners later saw China as a big market and slowly entered the Chinese market. The technology of domestic enterprises has greatly improved. More and more manufacturers and companies, such as imported, joint venture, and domestic companies, have swarmed and pushed the swimming pool industry to the climax of its development. At that time, many domestically-made equipment also served as imported equipment, so the profits at that time were high. Due to the competitive pressures, the prices began to decline, and equipment was no longer imported in order to reduce costs.

Now that the domestic swimming pool industry has grown to be relatively mature, it can be said that supply exceeds demand. Many domestic manufacturers have turned the market into export-oriented foreign markets. Especially the swimming pool equipment.

Aquark, the 1st focus on R32 INVERTER pool heat pump, the 1st focus on silent running solution, was founded by an expert team with 20 years of professional heat pump experience in pool industry. In 2017, the unique Inverquark technology was successfully launched to pool industry. Its strength relies on the creative R&D system, top quality control & quick service.


With the development of swimming, more and more fans have joined and the demand for swimming pools has increased. In the future, there may be swimming pools in each community. It may also be possible to develop a swimming pool for every good condition of each household. Pool equipment manufacturers also export a lot to make China a top technology country in the swimming pool industry. With the drop in construction costs, it is hoped that each one will use their own favorite swimming pool. Joining the swimming pool industry and working with Aquark Technologys will be your wise choice.