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Swimming pool heater is a equipment that uses electrical energy to heat water in a swimming pool by absorbing energy from the air and converting it into several times as much heat as electricity.


After circulating treatment of the low temperature swimming pool water through the swimming pool filtration equipment, the water enters the swimming pool heater through the pipe under the pressure of the water pump. Cold water is heated by the pool heater to a relatively high level. The cycle continues until the water is heated to the set heating temperature. Finally, the swimming pool heater stops running after the water reaches the set temperature.

Product features of swimming pool heater:

– Product specifications.

The unit has complete specifications and is suitable for various sizes of household, villa and commercial swimming pools. For large swimming pools, modules can be assembled according to the actual load size.

– Efficient and energy-saving.

Using heat pump technology, the unit directly heats the pool water, with high average energy efficiency throughout the year. Compared with the traditional heating method (boiler + plate heat exchanger), the operating cost can be reduced by 65-80%.

– Safe and environment-friendly.

Water and electricity are separated, no combustion, no electricity leakage, no pollution. Eliminate the danger of electric shock, poisoning, explosion, etc.

– Durable.

No harm to human body, stable performance, durable.

– Easy installation.

Integral design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small occupation of space, easy installation.

Replace your swimming pool with a pool heater now!