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The weather in autumn is distinctly different from summer, and the outdoor pool is much cooler. People swimming in outdoor pools are prone to cramps and colds this season because the average person’s body temperature can’t adjust.

But I think there are some people who still can’t suppress their love of swimming. But there are some Suggestions that need to be learned.

We have to go to a formal natatorium or venue for swimming. The water in standard natatorium cistern is to pass commonly chloric solution disinfection. Disinfectant generally can basically kill bacterium virus, can assure oneself safety so, and should pay attention to wear swim glasses.

Some common problems should also be well dealt with. For example, when swimming, the water temperature is generally lower than the body temperature, which may be susceptible to colds, especially in autumn and winter. So taking a shower before enter the swimming pool, you can make your body adjust to the water temperature as soon as possible. If you do not get enough sleep, or your body is too tired or emotionally excited, it is not suitable for swimming.

Preparation before entering the water should be sufficient. Don’t stay in the pool too long. Don’t panic if you get cramps. Different parts of the body have different ways of dealing with cramps. But all the presupposition is to stay calm. If you cannot resolve the cramp on your own, seek help early.

It is easy to concentrate blood on the lower part of the body after a long time swimming. This can cause dizziness. At this point you should immediately go ashore to take a rest and properly keep your body warm and replenish the energy required.

Prepare for winter swimming after autumn.

Winter swimming requires a lot of body and will. Winter swimming is not achieved overnight. If you have a good physical fitness, you may want to step up from the fall and gradually become a winter swimmer.

As the temperature drops, the best time to swim is at high noon.

After the weather gets cold, the preparations before swimming are very important. Because body temperature and water temperature are very different, you must first prepare for exercise on the shore. Active all joints, relax muscles, but not sweating.

Of course, you can choose to swim in an indoor heated pool. This is the safest and easiest to do. Pool water can be heated to the right temperature using a full inverter pool heat pump. So you can swim comfortably. Aquark’s Mr. Silence is a pool heat pump that will save you energy cost. Silence to relax your mind, high COP to save energy cost.

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