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Autumn is coming, although the weather has become cold, but this is definitely not the reason to stop us from going to the pool! But, afraid of cold water in the pool? You’d better know about DC inverter pool heat pump.

Did you know that your ON/OFF heat pump consumes most of your energy bill? When ON/OFF HP is ON, it runs at its rated power, and it doesn’t value your bill at all. You don’t want that, you can choose Mr. Eco DC inverter pool heat pump.

Extremely Stable DC Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Mr. Eco adopts Aquark’s own stable DC inverter technology and 1st class components. It can provide extremely stable and energy saving DC inverter pool heat pump.

How does Mr. Eco achieve stability and energy saving? Does it have unique technology?

Mature and Stable DC Inverter Technology

Mr. Eco’s DC Inverter technology is mature and stable base on our long-term experience. It varies the heating capacity by adjusting the frequency of compressor and speed of fan motor. When adjusting the speed of the compressor to control the refrigerant (gas) flow rate, it consumes less current and power. It has precise temperature control when set temperature is getting close to setpoint, it heat up the pools by lower speed which offer higher efficiency (C.O.P) and quieter operation.

So now, did you know that Mr. Eco DC inverters are more energy saving and quieter than ON/OFF pool heat pumps?

To know more about Mr. Eco’s DC inverter pool heat pump, click HERE.

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