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When you open a pool heat pump website or walk into a store, you are probably dazzled by various heat pumps.

How can you choose from different heat pumps with various configuration?

Actually, you only need to figure out 2 questions:

1. What’s the size of your swimming pool?

In fact, every heat pump has its advised pool volume.

2. What kind of pool heat pump do you want?

A. Silent?

You should look at the sound level of pool heat pump, normally lower sound level means quieter pool heat pump.

B. Energy Saving?

The higher COP of pool heat pump is, the more energy efficient it is. A COP of 15 means that 1kw input brings up to 15kw output. 93% free energy.

C. WiFi?

Smart WiFi allows you to check or control pool heat pump anywhere anytime.

D. Design?

Back-discharge design avoids injury caused by traditional fan and brings garden-friendly user experience.

In fact, you can pick an unique product to meet all demands. Aquark creates 1st patent backward airflow design, breaking the stereotype of airflow technology that has kept the same for 50 years.

Mr. Silence with InverPad technology, It not only maintains high energy efficiency but also achieves unique Pad design & extreme silence.

Don’t you want such an artwork in your garden?