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There’s a reason why pool heat pump is perhaps the best pool heating system. Let’s compare with other types of pool heating systems.

Electric pool heating system is simple but very expensive to use. And it is definitely not suitable for large swimming pools. The main drawback of a gas or fuel heating system is inefficiency. Solar systems are also very popular with pool heaters, but you have to rely entirely on solar power. In some places, like the Netherlands and Belgium, I bet you don’t want to just use solar systems.

The biggest advantage of pool heat pump is high efficiency and low cost. This kind of equipment, when used economically and efficiently, can significantly reduce the annual electricity cost. The premise is you have to use the proper swimming pool cover. The pool cover can slow down the rate at which heat is lost.

Pool heat pumps, however, have disadvantage. Heat pumps, by contrast, are not fast pool heaters. Will the water heat from 16 ℃ to 26 ℃, may take you a few days.

To make the right choice from various heat pump brands, you need to compare COP. COP stands for performance coefficient, which is the ratio of the heat provided to the equipment, which is the heat provided per kW of energy used at a given outdoor temperature. The higher the COP, the higher the efficiency of the heat pump.

About COP, you might want to know about Aquark inverter pool pump. Click here.

Aquark will attend Interbad, 23-26th, October, Germany
Aquark will attend Interbad Stuttgart, Germany 2018. And our unique heat pump inverters will be demo during the expo. You will see innovated user-friendly design, not only high COP and silence.
We look forward to seeing you there.