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As early as BC100, royal Romans began to heat swimming pools. Since the 70s and 80s, private pools have come to people’s households. It is not hard to imagine folks’ passions for swimming and their relentless pursuit for a better swimming experience.


Well, as private pools became common, pool heater developed. In the 60s, when it just came into the market, it was usually fueled by gas or propane, which showed relatively unsatisfactory efficiency and high carbon emission. 

What about electrical pool heater? Unfortunately, early generations of pool heat pumps produced noise as loud as a howl of a coyote pack. Even in 2020, people have been annoyed by the noise that may cause tension in the neighborhood. 

Though problems are striking, there are always more solutions than problems. 

Giants keep upgrading their pool heat pump for less noise and energy consumption— “Being energy-efficient and quiet” as they purported. Yet, titans like Hayward, listed in “best pool heat pumps of 2021”, are actually to be improved, from the performances’ perspective. 

Dissatisfied with the experience given by giants, new players disrupt with unprecedented features, promising customers ultimate experiences. A supernova, Aquark, dare challenge the pool industry with the highest standard with their inverter pool heat pumps:

Energy Efficiency: Highest COP up to 16. (a typical on/off heat pump’s COP is around 5)*

Noiseless: 38.4dB(A), 20 times quieter than traditional on/off heat pumps.

Low Carbon: 68% less energy consumpion.

Operation Temperature: -15℃—43℃, technically covers the whole year.

How does it draw considerable distinctions? The unique fashion design is Aquark’s ace in the hole.

No one ever asked for a fashionable pool heat pump. Yet Aquark was determined to create one—Mr. Perfect, a striking heat pump from within and without.

From without, it is sleek, concise with beautiful matte metallic silver paint. From within, it is powered by InverPad®Turbo, core technology developed by Aquark. The bold thought of replacing fans with turbo in heat pumps eliminates any mechanical noise. 

In addition, the art of turbo is the ultimate utilization of air. With the same energy consumption, it gives much larger air aspiration. That’s why it provides more heat while saving energy. Free users from terrifying electricity bills, protect the earth with lower carbon emissions. 

Fancy look plus extraordinary performance will assist Aquark to take the lead in the global pool industry and become the most competitive rivalry in the pool industry. 

Yet, Aquark is NOT a fan of monopoly. It always seeks to cooperate and achieve a win-win. Piscine Global 2021 will kick off on the 13th of October. There, Aquark can’t wait to learn from all parts of the pool industry and discuss new trends.