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Throughout the 50-year-long history of the pool heat pump, Aquark is the first pool heat pump supplier to devise the pad-design heat pump. The unique casing design distinguishes Aquark’s products from others and it has become the distinction of Aquark’s inverter heat pumps.

It is in 2017 when the revolutionary InverPad® Technology was born, and the first pad inverter pool heat pump Mr. Silence was introduced to the global market. Soon after its roll-out, the fashion design began to be favored by heat pump customers. Nowadays, Mr. Silence has received popularity from customers all over the world.

Pad inverter heat pump is popular because its aesthetic reconciles with the optimization of heat pump functions.

Inverter pool heat pumps created by the InverPad® technology are well-designed:
Every dimension of the pump is in proportion; the outline is terse but not boring, and; the exquisite productive techniques ensure the rich texture of the pad inverter pool heat pumps. Besides, the anti-rust aluminum-alloy casing makes the heat pumps look like an art piece of the garden instead of a destroyer of a beautiful landscape.

However, the enhancement of product appearance doesn’t give up the hard power. Under the fashionable appearance, the InverPad® series lies excellent performance. The thin pool pumps stay super silent, whose noise can be as low as 36.5 dB(A) at a 1-meter distance. And the back-discharge design makes the fan invisible and the whole pump more beautiful.

The special pad design without sacrificing performance embodies Aquark’s pursuit of innovation and perfection. In the future, Aquark will continue to make progress in both inverter technology and stylish design.