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Technology brings revolutions, subverting the product with ultra-high performance and the industrial design as well. Behind these amazing designs are always the deeper insights into user experience on the next level. The Pad design of the latest inverter pool heat pump is great evidence to tell the story.

What is different with the Pad design

Commonly, traditional pool heat pumps are designed with front or top air outlets. The strong cold wind and loud noise have been an annoyance to users for long. With the airflow coming out from the front, the extra space required for installation and the harmfulness to the plants surrounding it are issues to be considered as well.

However, seldom did pool heat pump manufacturers had noticed this and make some improvements, until the Pad Design was created by Aquark.

By aerodynamic optimization of InverPad® Turbo technology, the Pad design uses the back air inlet and the side air outlets for the air heat exchange. Behind this simple change is a harsh technical requirement for thousands of tests and adjustments in optimizing the path of airflow to ensure a more efficient air heat exchange.

Pad Design, Inverter Pool Heat Pump’s Next Chapter1

How does the Pad design work?

During the operation, the air is drawn from the back of the pool heat pump by the powerful Turbofan and pushed through the evaporators for heat exchange, before being expelled from the sides of the inverter pool heat pump.

The customized Turbofan is the key to realize this revolutionary aerodynamic optimization by ensuring an efficient air heat exchange at the same time. The innovative design of Turbofan with no fan blades can produce high air pressure and volume, and highly increase the efficiency of the airflow system, which contributed to higher heat exchange efficiency.

Before the application of Dyson, everyone believed that it was impossible for a fan to work without fan blades. Being the first inverter pool pump manufacturer to apply Turbofan on the inverter pool heat pump, Aquark also proves that pool heat pumps can achieve more possibilities.

Pad Design, Inverter Pool Heat Pump’s Next Chapter2

What are the benefits of Pad design?

The improvement of back to sides air outlets brings benefits over the disadvantages of traditional pool heat pumps as well.

  • User Experience

Commonly pool heat pumps are installed at the open space in the backyard, facing the paths and plants. The back-to-sides air outlets design can save the pool users from the annoyance of being blown by the cold wind coming out from the front of pool heat pumps.

  • Silent Operation

The application of Turbofan during optimizing the airflow also brings benefits in reducing the noise level during the inverter pool heat pump operation. Mr. Perfect, the latest inverter pool heat pump in Pad design by Aquark, only works at 38.4dB(A) at 1m on average, which is 20 times silent than on/off pool heat pumps.

  • Easy Installation

Compared with traditional on/off pool heat pumps, inverter pool heat pump has lower requirements in space and less limitation in installation. The unique back to sides air outlets of Pad design is nice to the plants around the inverter pool heat pump as well.

  • Stylish Appearance

With the stylish industrial design, your heat pump can also be a piece of arts in your modern backyard and your pool, showing the taste of art of the owner.

The inconvenience of the traditional industrial design should no longer be tolerant, but to be overcame, or even turn to a pleasure. Aquark believes in the power of innovation and the pursuing of breaking changes that can make our lives better.