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At Piscine Connect 2021, a tech-savvy company, Aquark, was nominated into visitors’ A-level list with its advanced inverter technologies and unique Pad design on products. In fact, Aquark has already captured the hearts of its global partners with the patented InverPad® Tech, high-quality products, and fast customer response. These 3 stories from Aquark’s global partner tell how the innovative cutting-edge technology can boost long-term growth and pool market expansion.

Never Settle – CUDELL OS – Member of HYDRALIANS: Product Speaks For Itself

CUDELL OS – Member of HYDRALIANS, Aquark’s important Portuguese partner, has been specializing in agricultural irrigation solutions for about 67 years, enjoying a good local reputation. CUDELL OS – Member of HYDRALIANS launched their swimming pool product line in 2009 to continue their competence and innovation in the swimming pool field.

Appreciating Aquark’s investments in high-tech development and achievements in innovative InverPad® technology, CUDELL OS – Member of HYDRALIANS has become a partner of Aquark since 2019 and has increased tenfold in sales in just 2 years. Moreover, Aqark’s low failure rate of less than 0.5% in products and fast response for troubleshooting solutions help to reduce the complexity of after-sales service.

Never Say Never – Pool Partner: High-End Product Goes Better

Pool Partner is the Top 1 retail chain store in the local Austrian market. Since collaborating with Aquark, the retailer has been exploring different types of online business: achieving high turnover with high-quality products. From 2019, they shifted their main focus from common on/off pool heat pumps to high-end series of inverter pool heat pumps.

With insights into end-users’ needs towards high-quality products rather than just low price, Pool Partner improves its market value by providing high-tech and cost-effective products, which is the real secret of long-term growth in sales, reputations as well as customers’ trust.

Never Let Down – Klereo: Reputation Attributes To Sales

Klereo, a French manufacturer of high-end pool intelligent control systems, provides safe and reliable products by integrating technology from the automotive and construction industries. Following customer inquiries about pool heat pumps, the company decided to integrate heat pump products into its collections.

Klereo becomes a brand agent in France of Aquark without hesitation after InverPad®’s first prototype was introduced and praised by local professionals. Since then, their sales have skyrocketed and Klereo is now the No. 1 manufacturer of comprehensive pool automation in the French high-end market.

Never Stop – Technical Capital Breeds Growth

The success of Aquark’s global partners indicates that innovative and cutting-edge core technology is the key to nourish its brand and commercial value, allowing for continued growth.

The InverPad® Tech is just Aquark’s first step. With the release of its latest InverPad® Turbo technology in 2021, the company is about to achieve a lot more by wowing the market and shaping deeper cooperation with its partners in the next stage.

For further information, visit Aquark’s official website: https://www.aquark.com/

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