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When selecting a pool heat pump, there are always so many terms and technologies that confuse us. Among them, “on/off”, “DC Inverter” and “stepless full inverter” can be the most frequent terms.


Before DC inverter, on/off pool heat pump is the only choice for consumers.

The on/off pool heat pump is heated or cooled by turning the compressor on or off. Its running speed is fixed. When the temperature exceeds the preset level, the compressor turns off, and vice versa.

Thus, this 60-year-old tech works painstakingly yet unefficiently. Frequent start-up also shortens the life of the compressor. That’s why people invented DC inverter tech.


Just as its name implies, DC inverter pool heat pumps adjust its running speed within certain gears according to the water temperature. The more gears it has, the more accurate the control of power consumption it will be.

At the very beginning, the heat pump runs at a high speed, as the water temperature approaches the set point, it lowers the speed.

Thus, it costs much less energies than traditional on/off pool heat pumps to maintain the set water temperature. Yet users are still racking their brains to find better way to save more energy.

On Reddit, many owners of DC inverter pool heat pump painstakingly try to figure out how to save more energy, including turning on the pool heat pump at noon, adding a lid to cover the pool, etc.

Obviously, limited gears cannot satisfy customers’ needs for energy-saving.

That’s what stepless full inverter technology is born for – ultimate energy-saving.


Similarly, an inverter pool heat pump saves energy by smartly adjust its running speed. It is genius for it breaks the limit of gears.

Aquark, a company focusing on inverter pool heat pump, takes the lead to develop new stepless full inverter technology – InverPad® Turbo. It achieves COP up to 16 and 68% less energy-consumption compared with on/off pool heat pumps.

Without the limit of gears, it accurately switches to the just-right running speed, husbanding every bit of your electricity. Swim with it, you don’t have to supervise your electricity meter anxiously. 

Choose stepless full inverter tech, choose InverPad® Turbo, embrace carefree pool life!

13rd and 14th of October, Aquark will show up at Piscine Global 2021 and give more information about InverPad® Turbo Technology. And it is eager to learn more from every part of the pool industry. Please stay tuned!

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