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The Piscine Global Europe exhibition has always been a window into leading-edge technologies of pool industry. As the inverter pool heat pump manufacturer who first proposed iOutdoor Living concept, Aquark attracted lots of visitors and sparked many onsite discussions with its latest industry-first iOutdoor innovations.

Convinced by the Turbofan Design at First Sight

“I was completely convinced at the first sight. I’ve heard about Mr. Perfect before, but when I saw it, the quiet operation and innovative Turbofan structure still astounded me.” A Guatemalan customer, who had been looking for new heat pump supplier for a long time, finally chose Mr. Perfect to be the right one.

“The Pad design is really beautiful, many clients will be sure to like it. Besides, the high COP performance will help us to win the market of energy-saving heat pumps.” Superior Wellness’ CEO, Aquark’s brand partner in the UK, proudly introduced Aquark’s heat pump to his dealer on site.

Many passing visitors are attracted by the modern Pad design and special Turbofan structure of Mr. Perfect at the first sight. Furthermore, the super silent and powerful running performance is the main reason that makes Mr. Perfect popular.

Hardly to Imagine It as a Salt Chlorinator

“It’s my first time to see a salt chlorinator with a full-touch pad screen, I’ve never conceived a salt chlorinator could be designed like this, it’s so nice and beyond my imagination. I like this innovation and would like to introduce it to my clients.”

“Applying Inverter technology to salt chlorinator is an excellent idea! I believe InverSalt Turbo tech will be another leading pool tech that brings better swimming experience.”

In Europe, nearly 90% of new swimming pool owners chose to install salt chlorinators, and that will absolutely become a trend. Many visitors are interested in the launch date of Aquark’s Dr. Pure because they believe this brand-new appearance and cutting-edge inverter technology will make a splash on the market.

2-In-1 Is an Innovation in Line with the Trend

“This is a distinctive innovation, I like the 2-in-1 design concept, less cost and maintenance, more energy-saving, will definitely gain market attraction.”

“We even hope to integrate the salt chlorinator together, easy to install and offers an integrated intelligent control for all pool equipment.”

Mr. One, the industry’s first 2-in-1 pool pump with pool heating and circulation by Aquark, was nominated for the Pool Innovation Awards by the exhibition host. It received many compliments for its modern appearance, integrated control system and dual 16 times energy-saving performance.

Creative Robotic Lawn Mower Brings More Imaginative Garden Living

“It looks cool like a car, just can’t wait to get a sample and see its interesting 3D “S” path planning.”

According to visitors, the future garden living will be full of entertainment, convenience, and enjoyment. A robotic lawn mower with intelligent path planning will be a vital part for Aquark’s iOutdoor Living.

At Piscine Global Europe, Aquark was thrilled to draw a lot of interest from both new and established customers, as well as to hear a lot of professional commentary and feedback on its brand-new products.

In the face of the ongoing energy crisis and the continuous evolution of terminal experience, most big-name companies are building their business blueprint in energy saving, sustainability, and intelligence. Aquark will continue to drive intelligent Outdoor Living with a keen sense of user demand and a strong capability for innovation.

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