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It is our first time to attend Interbad in Stuttgart, Germany. Thank you all for taking your time to visit our booth. It is a great opportunity to share and exchange the thoughts and experiences about the inverter pool heat pump with worldwide customers. We are most grateful for their interest in our unique slab design inverter – Mr. Silence.

Mr. Silence is the most innovative pool heat pump in the whole exhibition. It has been well recognized by customers from various countries at the show. Several orders have been confirmed on the spot, which has greatly encouraged us.


Thanks to our industrial designers. It is a passionate team who want to create value for our customers and consumers. Simple classic touch controller, garden friendly flat surface design … Every detail serves for just one reason: to make customer experience the best. After continuous optimization and new attempt, this most innovative product was finally born, which successfully changed the stereotypes of traditional inverter pool heat pump.

Furthermore, we have successfully fixed the exclusive partner in Germany during the show. That means local dealers and pool shop owners can purchase Mr. Silence directly in Germany! If you are interested in Mr. Silence but couldn’t meet us at Interbad, don’t miss out our next show, Piscine Global Europe 2018 in Lyon, France. Come and talk to us face to face, you will learn more about Mr. Silence and our inverter family.

Let’s catch the INVERTER opportunity together, see you at booth 5D126 in Lyon!