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It is Mr. Silence’s debut at SPLASH! in Gold Coast, thank you everyone for coming! It is our pleasure to introduce such an innovative inverter heat pump. Nowadays, the inverter technology has become the main trend in swimming pool industry. As the price of gas rises, more and more pool owners prefer to heat the pool with a heat pump rather than a gas heater.

When it comes to high efficiency and low noise, why not leave it to Mr. Silence? As stepless DC inverter, Mr. Silence can adjust its speed from 100% to 20% intelligently according to the pool heating demand, which is more saving and more silent.

Unique Garden Friendly Design & Ultra Silence

We have received a lot of glowing reviews about Mr. Silence at the show, especially the unique garden friendly design and its extreme silence performance. Most of the visitors to our booth are pool shop owners and pool installers, they are very interested in Mr. Silence. As Australian houses are getting closer to each other than before, the noise between neighbors has turned into a problem. Therefore, when choosing a pool heat pump, more eyes are on whether it is quiet enough. The ultra silence of Mr. Silence is exactly what they need at the moment.

Strong Demand of Local Distributor

Many pool shop owners and pool installers want to buy Mr. Silence directly in Australia, asking us to tell them the contact of local distributors. However, we are still looking for such partners in Australia. Even though, they still expressed the strong intention to buy, asking us to keep them informed once we have found local distributors, which greatly surprised and encouraged us.

Being the first pool heat pump supplier focusing on R32 inverter OEM/ODM solution and silent running solution, we are dedicated to providing the inverter series that can build a simple, saving and silent warm pool for global partners and users. A new member will join Aquark’s family soon. See you in  interbad 2018 in October, Stuttgart, Germany!