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With Aquark’s own-developed stable DC Inverter technology and reliable components, Mr. Eco is possibly the most stable DC inverter pool heat pump.

Provides sustainable powerful heating capacity before it reach the setpoint. It runs at maximum capacity as soon as they start up. The set temperature can be reached more quickly.

More Energy Saving
Once the pool temperature is getting close to the setpoint, the compressor starts to run at middle & lower speed which will save more energy bill for you.

Faster response to variable heating load, with less temperature fluctuation and more quiet running, Mr. Eco stable DC inverter pool heat pump will bring you a comfortable extended pool season.

From the above characteristics, we can see that compared with normal ON/OFF HP, the variable frequency of Mr. Eco stable DC inverter pool heat pump not only completes the heating better, but also saves a lot of energy. Meanwhile, the average COP of Mr. Eco was higher than that of normal ON/OFF HP. There’s no doubt that you can generally save 45% of your energy bill comparing to ON/OFF HP. It will be a leap forward. Power more but cost less.

This is Mr. Eco, the extremely stable DC inverter pool heat pump.