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Are you tired of the same old Christmas dinner parties? How about shaking things up by hosting a Christmas pool party? Your family and friends would definitely not forget about it anytime soon! Aquark has prepared some tips to help you dress up your pool party.

Turn Your Deck Area into a Winter Wonderland

Make sure to create a festive atmosphere by decking the pool area with seasonal decorations.

Hang Christmas lights on your backyard’s fence or turn the lighting red and green, and embellish your outdoor plants with snowflakes, stars, and noodle Crafts. You could even tie a bright red ribbon around your pool heat pump to make it look like the world’s best Christmas present!

Christmas Pool Floats

These awesome Christmas decorations will allow the Christmas magic to shine the whole party! From Santa Claus to his Reindeer, there’s a huge selection! And to make it more fun, you can float your favorite stunning ornaments on the surface of the swimming pool.

Put on Decorative Plants

Except for the floats,festive plant is also a great option to update your pool party’s look. Whether in pots, on tables or around lighting fixtures, seasonal plants like pine and holly add a festive look to your pool party.

Make It a Fancy Dress Party

The best decoration to light up Christmas party is people’s dress! Get your family and friends to dress up as elves, reindeer or even Santa himself and hold a competition for thebest costume. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even add a theme to your party such as Bond 007 Theme, The Breakfast Club theme, and Harry Porter theme. Remind your guests to put on Santa hats, elf hats or reindeer headbands as they dress up as fancy characters.

Before you send out those party invites, make sure your pool is in perfect condition, with warm water ready for you to dive in anytime. Turn to Aquark pool heat pump for the best pool heating solution.