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The advantages of R32 refrigerant

1、 Low GWP of 675,just 32% of R410A
2、 Smaller charge requirements mean exchangers and components can be smaller and more compact
3、 Slightly better energy efficiency than R410A
4、 F–Gas phase down compliant
5、 Less refrigerant volume requirement compared to R410A
6、 Affordable & readily available
7、 Easy to handle, reuse and recycle

Major refrigerant properties

*1: Physical property value under a temperature condition of 50ºC
*2: Temperature condition: 0/50ºC; the values are relative values based on R22 as 100
*3: Te/Tc/SC/SH = 5/50/3/0ºC *4: GWP = Global warming potential; values are specified in IPCC 4th Assessment Report

Flammability of R32

Flammability of R32
R32 may burn slightly when all of the following condition (gas concentration, ignition energy) are met, but pose no risk under the normal usage conditions for air conditioners and work environment.

[Concentration Condition (Upper & Lower Concentration Limits)]

[Ignition Energy]

●Value for minimum energy with which the gas may ignite

●No possibility of ignition by spark in the machine or in the magnetic switch on a power panel.
Even if a spark exceeding the minimum ignition energy was generated in the magnetic switch, with the actual electrical parts (electromagnetic switch with cover), there is no flame propagation in R32 (no flame spreading).If the distance between the electrodes and the wall is within 4 mm in an enclosed space, there is test data that indicates no flame propagation.
Instructions should be strictly observed when handling R32 .
● R32 is heavier than air, and therefore they are inclined to settle near the floor surface. If the gas fills up the room or the bottom part of a room, it may also cause oxygen deficiency and may reach its combustion concentration. In order to prevent oxygen deficiency and R32 combustion, keep the room wellventilated for a healthy work environment. In particular, using R32 in a basement room or confined area creates a higher risk; be sure to furnish the room with local exhaust ventilation. If a refrigerant leak is confirmed in a room or an inadequately ventilated location, do not use a flame until the area has been ventilated appropriately and the work environment has been improved.

● The same applies in case of brazing, ensure appropriate ventilation to prevent oxygen deficiency and R32 combustion. Check that there are no dangerous or combustible items nearby, and ensure a fire extinguisher is close at hand.
● If the gas comes into contact with open flame or metal (or other material) heated to over 300 to 400ºC, it will cause thermal decomposition, possibly producing toxic gas. Do not allow the gas to come into contact with such objects. Toxic gas generation is the same with R410A, R22, etc., and not limited to R32.
● Keep a sufficient distance away from causes of fire (ignition sources) such as gasburning equipment and electric heaters in places where installation, repairs, or similar work on air-conditioning equipment is performed.
(Source: Dakin Service manual for products using R32 ESIE15-05>