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Welcome to Aquark’s booth at Interbad. Mr. Silence and Mr. Eco inverter pool heat pump will showcast at Oct. 23rd-26th, 2018.

About Aquark

Aquark is a professional inverter pool heat pump manufacturer in Guangdong, China. It was founded by an expert team with 20 years of professional heat pump experience.

Positioning as a global OEM partner, we’re able to provide standard Aquark’s own design as well as customized design. At the moment, we have full range inverter pool heat pumps for your choice.

About Mr. Silence

You can learn about Mr. Silence in three words.

Stepless Inverter
Mr. Silence adopts the industry’s leading efficient stepless DC inverter control system. With smart conversion of compressor, fan motor & pressure system, it provides amazing energy saving performance with average COP 10.

Simple Silence
Thanks to the revolutionary air-stream design & stepless DC inverter system of Inverquark technology, the sound level of Mr. Silence is as low as a fridge, 12dB(A) lower than traditional On/Off heat pump. Listen, just my breathing.

Patent Design
There is a simple classic touch controller on its front face of Mr. Silence stepless DC inverter pool heat pump. It is not hard to find that Mr. Silence is the first heat pump product that using slab surface design. And the aluminum-alloy casing guarantees the heat dissipation besides, also has good protection to the product’s interior.

About Mr. Eco
Mr. Eco is a stable DC inverter pool heat pump. It will also a good pool heating solution for your pool. Click to know more about Mr. Eco.

Both of Mr. Silence and Mr. Eco inverter pool heat pump will showcast at Interbad. If you want to see them, welcome to our booth.