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Salt chlorination system has been the centre of smart pool solutions and one of the most convenient ways of automatic pool water treatment. People are likely to convert to smart pools with single or combi-solutions based on salt chlorination.

Now, the inverter salt chlorinator pioneers intelligent water treatment for the pool industry, declaring the best time to jump into this summer.


Inverter Salt Chlorination: Why Are Salt Pools So Popular


Intelligent Water Treatment for Smart Pool Choice

How does a smart salt chlorinator work?

In the case of a salt chlorine generator, the salt is recycled repeatedly to create free chlorine (hypochlorous acid) that keeps the water sanitized for the long run.

The utilization of salt and the chlorinating process is fully automated with accurate inverter control. When the saltwater passes through the cell’s plates, the electrolysis occurs intelligently. The salt (sodium chloride) is broken down into chloride ions that turn into chlorine gas. The gas will finally dissolve into the water entering the pool.

During that chlorine generation, the core system adjusts the speed based on the difference in pH/ORP values it identifies and calculates. The larger amount of chlorine is needed, the faster it is generated. The less, the slower.  


Inverter Salt Chlorination: Why Are Salt Pools So Popular

How often should I add the salt?

Using an inverter salt chlorinator is a set-and-forget experience.

With 0~130% adaptive running, the inverter salt chlorinator maintains high performance when the salinity level gets lower caused by storms, backwash cycles or other conditions.

Pool users can enjoy free salt maintenance for up to 180 days and feel it easy with the salt shortage reminder function of the main pad screen.


Time to Convert: Salt Chlorinator with INVERPURE TECH

What is the best salt chlorinator for the private pool this year?

It is the best time for you to convert to the new inverter salt chlorination solution from traditional chlorine pools or unintelligent chlorinators.

Mr. Pure, a revolutionary inverter salt chlorinator, is available next month. It adopts INVERPURE technology created by Aquark and is driven by a full-inverter system using PID algorithms.

In the past, the water treatment machines produce chlorine according to the untimely test result of the water sample and must maintain running at a fixed speed until the next test feedback.

Unlike traditional chlorine generators, Mr. Pure let the pool water meet baby-grade quality, since the water quality detection and accurate control of chlorine production and pH regulation are functioning in one. Pool users have the water data qualified anytime and won’t be worried to share the swimming fun with babies.

Besides, Mr. Pure can self-adapt to different conditions for a private pool by unique 130% Turbo and inverter running.


Low Salt Performance (1g/L)

For up to 180-day salt maintenance free


Long-term users of salt pools in the past might always face the anxiety of salt shortage, which would cause irreversible damage to the cell’s plates and the sanitization out of order. In extreme cases, people may pour too much salt at once and let the abnormal salty water erode your pool system.

The industry is exploring new solutions to maintain efficient salt levels for salt pool systems without damage. The explorations are mainly in two ways, enhancing the chlorine production performance at low salt and new salt chlorinator-centred (2 in 1 or 3 in 1) water treatments.

INVERPURE TECH push the boundaries of low salt performance that a salt chlorinator can be. Mr. Pure can maintain 60% of efficiency when the salt level approaches the extreme 1000 ppm, surpassing that of others. Moreover, smartly regulated chlorine production helps to reduce unnecessary salt consumption. As a result, users can think nothing about additional salt maintenances for up to 180 days.


130% Turbo Disinfection

For stormy weather and pool parties


After large storms, 2-3 inches of rainwater will drop the ORP level rapidly, so will a crowded pool party. Rather than adding shocking chemicals, Mr. Pure can shift to 130% running capacity automatically to ensure the free chlorine level in the pool when detecting the sharp ups of falls of the pool’s ORP levels.


For Planet Green: 3W1H of INVERPURE Innovation

As the first full-inverter chlorinator, Mr. Pure features eco- and user-friendly operation with increasing benefits in 3W1H:  

Water saving

European has been in drought since 2018. Water saving is a long-term issue that the pool water treatment industry should fight. When using an inverter salt chlorinator, users don’t need to run the pool pump at full speed all the time and reduce the waste in water circulation cycles.

Wellness values

People having private pools would never stop pursuing the best bathing experience that is natural and healthy. The PID algorithm application to inverter salt chlorinator aims at perfect water for everyone including babies, no more worries about red eyes, dry hair, or rough skin.


Salt chlorinators are low-power devices in a pool system. Mr. Pure can save up to 1000kWh in energy consumption through a 5-year usage, thanks to the endurability brought by self-regulating operations under the unique inverter control.

Hygiene care

The inverter salt chlorination shows active hygiene care in pool machines for the first time. The control system knows the optimal way to ensure lasting baby-grade care for your body instead of human calculations.


Conclusion: How Does Inverter Salt Chlorination Reshape Your Way to Pure Water Fun?

To conclude, the latest inverter salt chlorinator innovations offer you the best chance and time to rethink the salt pool system. It is also the best summer to jump into baby-grade water brought by Aquark’s Mr. Pure Inverter Salt Chlorinator.

Contact experts at Aquark if you need more information about Mr.Pure with INVERPURE TECH.