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In addition to the swimming pool heat pump, one of the most important steps of swimming pool maintenance is water balance. You don’t just want to keep your pool warm regardless of the quality of the water.

In general, understanding water balance can be one of the most difficult maintenance processes. Because it’s complicated, some new pool owners do not know what they need to do to keep their pool water safe.

Is pool water balance really important?
The answer is YES.
Why do we say water balance is so important to the pool? Just follow me.

What can bacteria do? I don’t need to say much about that. If you are using a chlorine-based tablet pool, your pH must be in the correct range. If the water isn’t up to par, chlorine disinfectants won’t be able to kill bacteria.

If the pool is not balanced, it will hurt your skin and eyes, as well as those of your family. Be careful! In order to have a better feeling, it has to be balanced.

An unbalanced pool can corrode pipes, ladders, armrests and other equipment such as your swimming pool heat pumps. You shouldn’t want to spend money on these things. But if you don’t pay attention, trouble will come your way.

Check your pool’s water balance regularly. For you, and your family.