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Pool pump is the central part of swimming pool system. Without it, water does not flow through your filtration system for proper cleaning. If you have a swimming pool, you will always encounter a time when it is not working properly. So what would you do if there was a problem with the pool pump?

The most common causes of this problem is electrical or heating.

If the motor fails to start, check the breaker to ensure that the power supply is running properly. If still cannot start, you may need an electrician to check your lines and then check the electrical system of the motor.

On the other hand, if the motor shuts down after a few minutes, it may be just a fever issue. The motor becomes hot, it is easy to overheat in hot weather, triggering the system overheat protection function. Usually the motor has vents. It may be that the vent is blocked by an object, causing the motor to dissipate heat. You should take good care to remove any objects that cover and clog the vents. If there is no blockage, it is only because of overheating. You may need to provide sunshade or ventilation for your pump.

The pump motor produces some noise, which is unavoidable. However, if there is too much noise, you should pay extra attention to it.

If your motor is loud, make sure the type of sound it is emitting is first. If it is a noise produced by vibration, then a simple rubber pad can solve the problem.

If your pump emits a piercing sound, then this may be the bearing out of the question. You may have to replace them. Although the parts are inexpensive, it takes quite a while to complete the work because the motor must be closed and then removed and properly installed. You can try it with a strong hands-on ability.

One of the common problems is the pump leaking. The reasons for this may include bad shaft seals, bad sealants, and bad discharge tubes.

In general, these parts can be purchased and replaced, and the cost is very cheap. To determine which part is wrong, disassemble the machine and replace it, you will solve the problem.

We believe that most of the problems you can repair themselves. But sometimes you may have no enough skills to perform more appropriate repairs to the swimming pool pump. If you are unsure of yourself or do not think you can do this, be sure to contact the professionals. After all, this is a central part of the pool system.

If you want your pool pump to be in perfect working condition during the month of the swim season, be sure to check it regularly, and solve the problem in time. Perhaps you can choose Aquark pool heat pump. In addition to a large limit to reduce the occurrence of failure, you can also enjoy pool water temperature heating.

So, just enjoy the swimming time!

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