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A swimming pool is one of the essential recreational and fitness amenities in an outdoor living space. As spring approaches and the days get warmer, it is the perfect time to open your swimming pool. In this article, we will share the do’s and don’ts of springtime pool opening, so you can do it easier and get ready to enjoy a wonderful swimming season to the fullest.

Should You Open Your Swimming Pool In The Spring?

Of course, you should, because opening the swimming pool in the spring does have many benefits.

pool open

When Should You Open Your Pool?

Although it depends on the weather, we advise opening your pool when the peak daily temperature is consistently above 65-70ºF (18-21ºC). This rule is applicable regardless of your above-ground or in-ground type of pool.

How To Open Your Pool In Spring?

The opening of a swimming pool requires a series of preparations. The following are examples of the work that must be done, including filling the pool, turning on the pool filter pump and heat pump, and adjusting the pool water quality.

Although it might seem complicated, we have some timely reminders for you to make pool opening simpler.

4 Reminders For Pool Openings This Spring

1. Heat your pool optimally

Keeping your pool at the right temperature is one of the top contributors to your pool’s energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, for every degree of temperature increase, energy consumption will increase energy costs by 10-30%, depending on where you live. And in Europe, the International Energy Agency recommends that turning down the thermostat by 1°C can save about 7% of heating energy. Therefore, selecting an energy-efficient heat pump for your pool is critical. Plus, you had better lower the temperature or turn off your pool heating equipment whenever your swimming pool stays unused for an extended period.

2. Cover up your pool

A pool cover can help keep your pool clean from any falling debris when the pool is not in use. And it is also a great way to help prevent heat loss, as a large proportion of heat loss in a swimming pool is due to water evaporating from the surface. You can help your swimming pool retain more heat and prevent hot water from vaporizing with a cover. In other words, a pool heat pump can heat the water more quickly to the desired temperature when it has a pool cover.

3. Inspect and reassemble the filter, pump, and heater for tune-ups

Spring pool opening is also ideal for annual preventive maintenance steps. If you have winterized your pool, you had better get your pool equipment ready to run again when you open the pool. It includes reassembling filters, pumps, heat pumps, etc., and reconnecting any equipment you may have disconnected from the pool plumbing. Thoroughly inspect the condition of pool equipment, and pay special attention to filters, pumps, and heat pumps. Replace any faulty parts once you find them, and upgrade your existing pool equipment if necessary. This way, you can identify potential problems earlier and avoid incidents, getting your pool opened on time for spring.

4. Enhance automated pool operations

Incorporating intelligent and advanced technology into outdoor living spaces is an emerging trend. Cutting-edge technologies have automated many processes in our outdoor living, including the swimming pools. These automated processes can help us manage our pool equipment intelligently. A pool heat pump with an inverter system is one of the ideal choices because the automatic operation of the inverter system provides further convenience. InverPad® Turbo, an innovative and unique patent owned by Aquark, is the most advanced inverter control system for swimming pool heating. This intelligent inverter control system provides simple operation with advanced data monitoring to automatically adjust the operation speed for power savings.

Besides, the InverPad® Turbo technology makes the inverter pool heat pump extremely silent while conserving energy. By combining the finest technology in noise reduction and heat exchange, InverPad® Turbo heat pumps from Aquark set new standards for the entire pool heat pump industry – reducing sound levels to 38.4dB(A), combining zero mechanical noise, raising COP to 16 for double energy savings, and lowering operating temperatures to -15°C. Everything aims to provide users with the perfect four-season swimming experience.

Therefore, opening your pool in the spring with an InverPad® Turbo heat pump can help ensure that it operates efficiently and effectively throughout the swimming season, enhancing the swimming experience for you and your family. It may help you maximize pool time and minimize energy usage, resulting in lower energy bills and a greater return on investment.


Outdoor is now a continuation of indoor activities rather than a separate space. Home swimming pools, one of the main demands for efficiently designed outdoor spaces with more built-in features, have accounted for 36% of demand, according to a recent survey conducted by the New Home Trends Institute (NHTI) in collaboration with Pro Builder.

The appeal of outdoor living has never been higher. Homeowners are looking for spaces that encourage a balanced, healthy lifestyle and accommodate their needs while being environmentally friendly. More than a pool heat pump manufacturer, Aquark aspires to maximize outdoor living by providing flexible solutions for all seasons. To create an energy-efficient, sustainable, and AI-driven outdoor living experience, Aquark will continue to incorporate innovative technologies into minimalist and futuristic designs. Contact Aquark if you want to open your pool in the spring with Aquark’s industry-first iOutdoor innovations.