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Many people are looking for ways to hide their swimming pool heat pumps from sight. Why? Because some pool heat pumps may spoil the view of the garden or the swimming pool. Besides, some pool heat pumps make a lot of noise, so it’s necessary for pool owners to hide the pool heat pump to get a more peaceful splash time.

3 Ways to Hide the Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Create A Wall or Fence Around It

The simplest way to hide pool heat pumps is to build a fence, wall, or screen around the heat pump. Whether made of wood, aluminum, or steel, choose a material to match the existing decor of your garden area. Then, visitors won’t notice the essential equipment that keeps your pool at the right temperature.

Hide the Pool Heat Pump Behind the Bushes

Another option is to place the heat pump behind a bush or other type of plant. This will help to hide the heat pump and keep it out of sight. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that can hide unsightly areas quite effectively. You can also choose tall, dense hedges, evergreen bushes, or grasses.

Build A Box to Hide the Pool Heat Pump

If space permits, building a large equipment box that can hold pool essentials like a heat pump, pool cleaner, skimmers, pool chemicals, and other equipment is a great idea. In comparison to a simple walled enclosure, a box provides more protection for your pool heat pump.

Hide Your Pool Heat Pump: Important Cautions

In spite of the three seemingly effective ways to hide your heat pump outlined above. But in fact, there are some cautions you need to pay attention to. It can affect your heat pump work.

Air Circulation

In order for a heat pump to operate, the surrounding air must be perfectly ventilated. If you make a fence or a box for the pool heat pump, which can not offer enough space for ventilation, it can affect its heating efficiency, because it may prevent air from circulating around the heat pump and causes ventilation issues.

Caution With Plants

You should also keep branches and leaves out of the device so they will not cause breakdowns or malfunctions.

Noisy Problem

Thirdly, if you hide the pool heat pump behind the bushes or trees to make it camouflage with the greenery still, you won’t be able to get rid of loud noisy sounds.

Inverter Pool Heat Pump – No Need to Hide, Just Place It as You Like

Is there a pool heat pump that I do not need to hide? Yes. With 0 mechanical noise and a unique Pad-design, just place it in your garden, there’s no need to hide it.

Have a look at the Aquark’s inverter pool heat pump and see why you don’t need to hide it. Features of Aquark Inverter Pool Heat Pumps.

     Stylish Design

These swimming pool inverter heat pumps have a stylish design and colorful range. Now you don’t have to hide it behind a wall, fence, trees, or bushes. It has a unique pad design, which makes it different from old-traditional pool heat pumps. The Aquark inverter pool heat pumps have a very fashionable and sleek design that can be embellished in your courtyard design.

     Noise Cancelling Feature

People’s most significant problem in using traditional pool heat pumps is the loud sounds. It becomes very irritating to continuously listen to this noisy sound when the heat pump is on. And if you place it near the pool, then this loud, deafening sound can give you headaches. But now, these pool inverter heat pumps have a noise-canceling feature, making them 20 times more silent than old on/off pool heat pumps. With the 38.4 dB(A) sound level, it works just as quiet as a refrigerator. Just get rid of all the mechanical sounds and enjoy your peaceful swimming life.

     Less Energy Cost

The energy cost of the old on/off pool heat pumps is very high. So if you want to reduce your swimming pool heat pump’s energy cost, you should definitely get an AQUARK swimming pool inverter heat pump. It consumes around 69% less energy than the old pool heat pump.

     Control From Anywhere

Now you can easily control your swimming pool inverter heat pump from your mobiles anywhere and anytime. You can schedule the on and off timings of the heat pump easily from your mobile app.

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If you’re frustrated from continuously hiding your swimming pool heat pump because of its bad flawed design, and irritating loud sound, then you should definitely get the AQUARK inverter pool heat pump. It will make your life easier and embarrassment free. Now the swimming pool heat pumps do not need to be hidden because they are completely quiet and beautiful in design.

These AQUARK pool inverter heat pumps are entirely waterproof, stunning, high-quality, and have a highly sophisticated appearance.

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