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Searching for the quietest swimming pool heat pump on the market? We will tell in this article, which kind of pool heat pump runs quiet, and how to find the quietest one.

Find the Quietest Swimming Pool Heat Pump: Noise Contrast is the First Step

1. Noise Levels

When you’re relaxing at the swimming pool after a long day, the last thing you want is a noisy heat pump sounding in your ear. Therefore, one of the first things you want to consider when finding the quietest pool heat pump is how noisy it can get. Just to get a reference, a quiet swimming heat pump should run lower than 40 decibels. Anything higher can be compared to a dishwasher and even an alarm clock. Such as, the InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump comes in at just 38.4 decibels, which is what you want. This means that the decibel level or sound it makes is actually as quiet as a refrigerator.

2. Analysis for Noise:

All swimming pool heat pumps make noise. However, not all of them have to be as noisy as a trailer or a lawn mower. In most cases, it is a good idea to inspect the cause of the noise. The components of a heat pump will include the compressor, fan, evaporator, and pressure valve. Each of these components has the capacity to make noise. However, most of the noises will come from the fan and the compressor. To take it clearer, running noise can be the result of the operation of the compressor, and the airflow that passes through the whole system, especially through the fan. The loudness of the noise depends mostly on the optimization of the fan and compressor, also the airflow speeds.

Nowadays, the trend for heat pumps revolves around inverter technology. It is a reliable technology that gives off less noise than other alternatives. If you still have questions as to why your heat pumps make those noises, you can contact a qualified technician at Aquark.

Buying Tips for Finding the Quietest Pool Heat Pump

What are some tips for buying the quietest heat pump on the market? Let’s go over a few that you can consider:

Customer Cases

Why is It Important to Have a Quiet Inverter Pool Heat Pump?

Trying to relax by the pool when there are loud noises is frustrating. Moreover, if your heat pump continually makes loud sounds, you may even find something wrong with the unit, which is why we recommend the Mr. Perfect – InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump. You will get peaceful pool heating along with high energy efficiency that will bring you swimming fun all year round.

Where are Some Places to Purchase a Quiet Pool Heat Pump?

Interested in the quiet pool heat pump, Mr. Perfect? Contact us to get more detailed information, our professional team will contact you to help with sizing and installation and also for the after-sales.

Final Takeaway

What should you take away from learning about the best in heat pump technology? Well, it’s important to remember that the Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump is the newest and best inverter pool heat pump on the market. It beats out the traditional gas pool heaters and is still 10 times more silent than any other normal inverter, which now leads the general trend for future inverter technology advancements.

In the end, because of its quiet operation, energy-saving features, and efficient output, it is definitely worth the investment.

It will also be exhibited at Piscine Global Europe. Stand number: 6G82. Contact us to get the show invitation card!

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