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While pool owners really enjoy the experience of a heated pool. But even with efficient pool-heating solutions such as solar heating, the cost of heating a pool can be very high. So, how to improve the efficiency of swimming pool heating? Heat pump pool heater is a good choice.

The methods are all fixed, but the methods can be used comprehensively and flexibly to form the most suitable solution for swimming pool heating.

I think there’s nothing more environmentally friendly than a solar pool heating system. However, it has obvious disadvantages.

Not all swimming pool environments are suitable for solar heating systems. As the main heat source, the energy cost of heating the solar energy is basically free of charge. But its drawbacks, to put it another way, its constraints are also strict. It depends very much on sunlight. You’ll find that in general areas, it’s very difficult to use solar heating to meet the entire pool season energy supply. Even in sunny areas, you may need to choose other heating methods as an auxiliary heating system, such as heat pump pool heater.

Heat pump pool heater is a very comprehensive choice. Because it gets most of its energy from the air. Get to know Aquark’s heat pump pool heater. Precisely, the condition is good, 1 kw input brings up to 15 kw output. It ‘s all because of Inverquark technology. Inverquark let Aquark heat pump pool heater COP range can reach 15-6.4 (27℃ air / water 27℃ / humidity 80%). This is a sign of high energy efficiency.

In addition, controlling evaporation is also important.

One popular option is to add a pool cover. The surface of the pool will lose at least 60% of its heat. When the pool is not in use, adding a pool cover can reduce the heat loss by more than 80%. The pool cover is an extremely efficient and safe way to reduce heat loss.

There is no better experience than a warm and comfortable swimming pool. I hope you can find an efficient heating system for your pool.

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