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As swimming lovers, we always want to swim at any time, even chilly outside in winters. But reluctantly, the swimming season is often too short. Is there any way to extend the swimming season? Well, it depends a lot on the heat pumps for pools that you choose.

There are many types of pool water heater on the market, some of them focus on energy saving, and some focus on low noise. When shopping around, what should we consider the most? Here are a few heads-ups for you.

First of all, check the COP of pool heat pump.  

COP, namely coefficient of performance, is what indicates the energy efficiency of a pool heater pump. If the COP is up to 6, that means it generates 6kW of heat for every 1kW of energy it consumes. Usually, with the higher COP, the efficiency is the better. It can help you to lower the monthly heating cost, saving you more money.

More than that, a pool heat pump with higher COP means it’s more environmentally friendly, because there is less emission, doing less harm to the planet we are living.

Secondly, consider the noise level.

We found that the noise level is one of the biggest considerations when chose heat pump pool heating. No one wants their relaxing day or quiet night by the pool to be disturbed by a noisy pool heat pump, as it is not only for your own peace, but also related to the neighborhood. After all, no one wants to mess with their neighbors over a heat pump.

The noise level is affected by many factors. But it mainly comes from three units, where there are the pitch of the fan blades, the fan motor, and the compressor. All play a crucial part on the final noise of a pool heat pump.

Basically speaking, the lower the sound decibels are, the quieter the pool heat pump will be when it runs. A difference of just 5 dB can make a huge difference in noise level. Therefore, every heat pump manufacturer will find ways to reduce the noise when the pool heat pump is running. Whether the running is quiet enough has become one of the most competitive advantages of heat pumps. Be sure to choose a low-noise model as much as possible when you are purchasing heat pumps for pools.

And finally, make sure the working temperature meeting your weather condition.

If you want to extend the swimming season as long as possible, you have to consider your local weather condition and the working temperature of heat pumps. Not all pool water heaters are designed to heat pool water in cold weather. As the air gets colder, the heat pump generates less heat. Most heat pumps shut down when the outside temperatures go down within the specified temperature range. Thus, it is crucial to purchase a pool heat pump based on your local weather conditions, so as to determine the most accurate heating power for the most efficient result without damage.

In this case, you may wonder: is there a heat pump that fits the above three criteria at the same time?

Recently, there is one eye-catching above ground pool heat pump newly launched on the market, which is featured as high COP, low noise, but also works normally in extremely cold weather, successfully helping users extend the swimming season. It is 4 SEASONS INVERPAD® – Mr. Perfect, the latest innovation released by Aquark Technology Limited in June 2021. Powered by InverPad® Turbo Technology, an exceptional patent owned by Aquark, Mr. Perfect is a modern revolution in stylish swimming pool products, your best pool heater above ground.

Aquark’s 4 SEASONS INVERPAD® – Mr. Perfect, Your Best above Ground Pool Heat Pump

Aquark’s new 4 Seasons InverPad®, Mr. Perfect has been conceived with a view towards silence, style, innovative energy efficiency, and 4-season swimming.

COP up to 16.0, saving 32% more energy than normal inverter

As mentioned before, the higher COP, the better efficiency. With high COP up to 16.0, Mr. Perfect generates 16kW of heat for every 1kW of energy it consumes. It uses 32% less energy than standard inverter pool heat pumps, which means it’s saving more energy but keeping high efficiency.

38.4 dB(A) average, 10 times more silent than normal inverter

It is known that the noise level mainly comes from the pitch of the fan blades, the fan motor, and the compressor. In order to reduce the running noise as much as possible, Mr. Perfect is designed with no blades. When the turbulence is negligible, Mr. Perfect runs ten times quieter than a regular inverter. All you can hear is the sound of wind but no mechanical noise, the output sound is as low as 38.4 dB(A) which is almost inaudible.

Furthermore, Aquark’s Mr. Perfect is the first and only inverter pool heat pump to possess InverPad® Turbo technology. It is an exceptional patent owned by Aquark. This unique system utilizes the most advanced silence-generating technology in Turbofan. Combining aerodynamic optimization with the best noise-cancelling technologies, Turbofan sets new milestones in noise reductions, making it a true catalyst for industry-wide transformation. The incorporation of Turbofan allows Mr. Perfect to perform silently.

Air operation at -15°C, strong output under harsh conditions

Not only does Mr. Perfect reduce energy consumption, but the InverPad® Turbo was developed to run in the harshest conditions. Thanks to Turbofan’s innovative airflow system, its heat output is increased with a larger heat exchange surface. This allows the pump to continue performing when the temperature drops well below zero.

Mr. Perfect can perform perfectly in conditions as cold as -15°C. Now the swimming season is extended just as you expected. You can enjoy swimming in warm water even in cold winters. No matter it’s a commercial pool or a residential pool, the performance of Mr. Perfect can offer consistent swimming environments for 12 months each year.

Combining this ability to perform under cold temperatures with incredible energy efficiency and amazing silence, Aquark’s Mr. Perfect enables you to enjoy year-round swimming to the full. It is a perfect choice for heat pump pool heating. For more information, please visit https://www.aquark.com.