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Since the industry revolution, the technology has been developed greatly. Human used same products for centuries, but after industry revolution, we saw new thing every year thanks for the explosion technology.

Interesting thing is, all the product showed after the industry revolution has a similar evolution trend:

This is a universal rule for all industry product. Enough is never enough.

For example, Cars.

Car can move. Then car can move faster with higher efficiency. Now user care a lot about the inert decoration because people love to have a fancy car. Enough to move is not enough.

Another example, Phones

Phone history can consider even multiple product history. Phone is used to communicate, then more stable, clearer, then wireless to let the speaker free.

Wireless phone can consider as a new product, we have music, APP, visual call. Then a better battery, more resistant. Finally, we have smart phone with better experience today. Enough to call is not enough.

I just named 2 product which is very common, and they still in their way to become fancier, WHAT ABOUT POOL HEATING?

Firstly, it is the heater, gas or electric, it can heat by just simply burning the fossil fuel. Nowadays it’s almost eliminated by the market.

Then we have heat pump, a very good way for pool heating indeed, efficient, low cost, eco-friendly.

But enough to heat is not enough. no one ever tried to make some fundamental innovation to bring a better experience to the customers, the fan still roaring, in a peaceful garden you have an industry monster which is destroying the harmony by noise, bad appearance, and wind. Nobody makes any innovation.

Until Aquark’s inverPad showed up.

It’s the first time that the boundary of heat pump has been pushed to bring a better experience to the user. Private pool is a filed for entertainment and enjoyment. Traditional heat pump is more like a spot, in the recent future, the pool heat pump industry will surely head to the next level.

In fact, more and more manufacture start to copy or imitate inverPad technology, it proves exactly this design is the future. So, come out of the price war while everyone is repeating “this is a heat pump with high COP”.