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Why heat your pool? What are the advantages of heated swimming pools for swimmers? On the premise of energy saving, swimming pool heat pump can help you to finish this job quickly.

Does it make sense to heat the pool?

Remember what you built the swimming pool for? Is it possible to swim whenever you want? You don’t want to spend most of your time looking at an empty pool. If you want to enjoy a comfortable swim in a familiar and comfortable environment. Even if the pool season is short. Then, use the swimming pool heat pump to heat you pool up.

Should you keep your swimming pool water warm?

Many swimming coach for leisure and sport swimming suggested that the water temperature is 25.5 ℃. In fact, it all depends on what you and your family need. Children, the elderly, and other special groups often need 26.5 ℃ or more warm water. So, 25.5 ℃ to 28 ℃ is acceptable range.

What criteria should be followed for heated swimming pools?

Only by sunlight usually can’t keep your swimming pool in the minimum requirements of comfortable temperature 25.5 ℃. By using swimming pool heat pump to heat your water, you can greatly increase the pool’s usage time. You prolong your swimming season.

Considering reducing energy consumption and energy saving bills, we should avoid any unnecessary pool heating. Use your pool for entertainment, exercise, treatment or general enjoyment, which obviously requires heating it. If your pool water isn’t warm enough to allow you to swim comfortably, it’s still recommended to heat it up. Otherwise your pool will not help your health or happiness. You might want to go to a resort or a commercial thermostatic pool. In fact, using your home pool can be far less wasteful than driving to remote resorts. The use of stepless DC inverter pool heat pump in particular makes energy saving simpler and more effective.

What are the advantages of heated swimming pools for swimmers?

A properly heated and properly used swimming pool is good for people’s health. Doctors and physiotherapists say that swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It’s a sport that most people can play safely. Because many older people and people with arthritis and muscle disease can’t run, but can swim properly. By heating the pool, you can participate in swimming more frequently, as you can extend the pool’s use time and season.

A warm pool prevents cold problems caused by too much heat in the body. A warm pool is essential for healing and relaxing swimming.

So, have you decided to heat up your pool now? If you need to, Aquark Mr. Silence stepless DC inverter pool heat pump is a helpful and efficient choice for you.

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