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To ensure the best gear for your needs, many key factors must be taken into account when purchasing a pool heat pump.  Most of the time, tempting to choose the least available one for its lower price is seemingly reasonable. But it may not be as economic as it looks, sometimes it even results in a big headache.

Apart from the price issue, more attention should be paid to the performance of the heat pump, or ultimately, the heating technology it employed. Considering that the application environment of heat pumps is very complex, “less is more”is not the fitting recipe for pool heat pump in most cases. Instead, double models bring you more benefits.

Double Value of InverPad® Turbo

Many traditional on/off pool heat pumps only run for two seasons, with large electricity bills and noise skyrocketing. Aquark’s newest InverPad® Turbo technology firstly utilizes Turbofan, which redefines noise reduction by combining aerodynamic optimization with the most advanced noise-cancelling technology.

The double size of InverPad® pool heat pump doubles commercial profits. Even under extreme weather conditions (from -15°C to 43°C), the unique InverPad® Turbo technology of Aquark pool heat pump produces double heating output. And higher power can quickly deliver a larger amount of heat to the pool, in supply with the air-water heating exchange. Hence, in comparison with the general 6-month pool season, an upgraded model enables you to run your pools ALL YEAR ROUND. Double seasonal sales, double annual rewards.

Double Savings of InverPad® Turbo

Upgrading your car to 1020 HPS (Hydraulic Power Steering) with larger horsepower brings better acceleration experience, which saves off-road effort and reduces interior damage. Therefore, it is wise to buy a senior mode in terms of user experience and service life.

Likewise, upscale InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump enables a more powerful kinetic energy system, leading to a greater heating output, less internal losses and longer lifecycle, i.e., longer-term profitability.

The basic model has a lower price tag but higher operational cost. Instead, purchasing a bigger model puts less strain on your purse. On the one hand, suppose the same volume of swimming pool water to be heated, a larger size heat pump runs at a slower speed with higher COP. The higher heating efficiency it has, the less energy it consumes. On the other hand, lower speed damages less and leads to longer service life. Moreover, less energy expenditure is beneficial for creating an energy-saving and environmentally friendly 4 seasons swimming.

Double Silence of InverPad® Turbo

Thanks to the implication of Inverpad® Turbo technology, the average volume of Mr. Perfect is perfectly down to 38.4 dB (A). Turbulence is minimal since there are no blades, generating as less mechanical noise as possible.

A higher power heat pump runs slower, hence the fans and two-rotor compressors require lower operation speeds, less mechanical friction and vibration is caused, thus users have a quieter experience after go double.

Overall, make sure the core technology factor has been considered before purchase. You deserve better user experience, lower electricity bills and a quieter pool environment by going double with InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump.

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