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A newly launched technology has placed its developer — Aquark in the advanced ranks of pool industry for it makes the most efficient pool heat pump with remarkable noise-canceling system. The new set of pool heating equipment have been employing the InverPad® Turbo technology — Mr. Perfect.

In most occasions, high efficiency comes with annoying noise. For instance, when your computer is operating at high processing speed, the volume of your computer radiator causally turns up; and when you set your blender at highest rate, unbearable noise is coming. Yet InverPad® Turbo provides you both tranquility and joy.

How does it happen?

For noise-canceling, Aquark’s InverPad® Turbo Technology focuses on aerodynamic optimization. Most competitors in this market utilize blades to inhale the air while Aquark novelly employs Turbofan, which reduces noise  by combining aerodynamic optimization with the most advanced noise-cancelling technology. Additionally, unlike traditional pool heater pumps which have air flow from only one opening, Aqurak’s swimming pool heating equipment exceptionally draws air from left and right sides, then release the air at the back. These special designs control the noise from source, enabling you to enjoy a nap by your pool.

Same water temperature, less energy consumption — that’s how efficient InverPad® Turbo is. The most efficient pool heat pump first operates at full speed then automatically and gradually adjusts to 50% full speed as the water temperature approaches your set point. Thus, no matter what you are, operator of public swimming center or private swimming pool owner, the inverter pool heat pump cost brought by operation is no longer a hesitation simulator.

Most stunningly, its unique noise-canceling design also contributes to its stylish  look. There is no longer a dark big hole drilled on the obverse side, only a flat screen in blue or silver gray. The most trendy inverter plus swimming pool heat pumps will certainly give you an image of your future modern courtyard.