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Having a four-season pool in your backyard can be one of the best ways to maximize your enjoyment with family and friends, and easily incorporate health and wellness into your daily routine. However, loud noises from your pool heat pump may cause disturbance in neighborhoods and reduce swimming experience. There are three major factors that will affect the sound level of pool heat pumps.

1. Compressor
Most of the noises coming from a pool heat pump can be attributed to the friction of its compressor. Single rotary compressors are bound to be louder than twin rotary compressors because they are liable to vibration. To improve the performance of a pool heat pump, compressor that offer high-efficiency operation with less noise is needed.

2. Fan Motor
The fan motor bushing can cause noise, too. To reduce sound level, the new DC technology is evolving. In contrast with conventional AC motors, fans powered by brushless DC motors are capable of smooth oscillating processes, making them an excellent option for applications.

3. Piping and Airflow System Design
Although it is low level, the refrigerant flow noise of pool heat pump also makes noise. In order to reduce internal noise, the pipeline system should be designed for noise control. Aside from refrigerant flow noise, airflow-generated noise is another factor worthy of concern. A comprehensive airflow system should allow air to flow freely, thus reducing undesired sound and vibration.

Is there any option for reducing noise of a pool heat pump? Aquark’s InverPad® pool heat pump – Mr. Silence is one of the best choices. With stepless inverter compressor, DC brushless fan motor and revolutionary back-discharge design, the sound level of Mr. Silence is as low as 40dB(A) at 1m, offering the most comfortable swimming experience to all pool users.

Contact us now to learn more about how to quiet your garden environment with Mr. Silence!