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When you elect a pool heater pump for your private swimming pool, what is the first condition on your list. Fancy looks? Price? Or volume of its sound? Well, I assure you nothing is better than a noiseless pool.

For some people, summer always refers to pool parties, which are paradise for booze, beauty and music. Consequently, pool heating equipment with noise is tolerable, for their yelling and music will easily get louder than the heater. But they do this at the risk of their neighbors’ complaints. What’ s more, nobody throws parties every day. For some people who prefer to be alone, pool parties are nightmares.

There are still reasons for installing a silent heat pump. Firstly, why do people invest a great fortune in pools? Is it because pools make their houses posh? Not exactly. The majority constructs private pools for clean water, family activities, most importantly, 24/7 availability.

Therefore frequent swimmers usually leave their heaters on all day. But you don’ t want to be awakened by the thunder of your heater, right? If you want to enjoy nice warm water at any time without being sleepless because of the sound, you’ d better get yourself a noiseless pool heater pump.

Some owners of swimming pool heating equipment have been annoyed for a very long time. Obviously, they are in need of a brand new water heater for your swimming pool.

Is there any equipment that allows users to sleep by its side? It sounds unbelievable, but YES, there is. Aquark’ s newly developed technology, InverPad® Turbo, creatively optimizes the aerodynamic mechanism so as to cancel noises to a great extent.

This picture shows the best pool heat pump for cold climates employed InverPad® Turbo technology. The stylish look overturns my impression of pool heating equipment. This very radical InverPad® Turbo technology is the secret of their noiseless performance. Instead of drilling a huge black hole on the surface, its Pad Design creates small openings on left and right sides of the machine. Air is drawn from side holes then exhaled from the back of the machine.

In addition, traditional blades are not installed in products with InverPad® Turbo technology. Its unique utilization of Turbofan redefines the noise reduction. Therefore, all mechanical sounds are eliminated, only the sound of wind is generated. While most pool heat pumps are around 60 dB(A), the sound in InverPad® Turbo equipment is amazingly almost inaudible at 38.4 dB(A), which is as quiet as a library and silent enough for reading, meditating and taking a nap.

If you are looking for best above ground pool heat pump, InverPad® Turbo’ s combination of aerodynamic optimization and the most advanced noise-canceling technology will never let you down! Don’ t let the unbearable noise ruin your swimming time.