Raise your hand if you are missing summer already. Yep, me too. Summer would be the best season in many people’s mind. Beach days, frozen yogurt, cold beers, and music live… there is so much fun to have in those scotching hot days.

In a summer bucket list, swimming is by no means to be missed. Many swimming lovers had even built a pool in their home to enjoy the activity more comfortably. Even better, thanks to the thriving innovation of pool heat pump, those pool owners can now enjoy a summer vibe in their pool with no need to wait for the snow to melt and the beach weather to return.

To continue swimming season, the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly pool heating solution is a pool heat pump. Additionally, some heat pump manufacturers have also plunged into the improvement of swimming experience such as low sound level created by heat pump. The heat pump specialist Aquark has taken this to an extreme. The sound level of Aquark heat pump is reduced to 40dB(A) at 1 meter, almost inaudible. With the help of an Aquark pool heat pump, the summer spirit can surely be revived in your own pool.