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Something about the circulating water and disinfecting equipment in the swimming pool.

First, the swimming pool must be equipped with circulating water and disinfection equipment, and meet the requirements of water treatment. The equipment for water purification and disinfection should be kept intact, inspected and maintained regularly and recorded. If problems are found, timely maintenance and repair shall be conducted. In case of failure, emergency treatment measures shall be taken to ensure the normal operation of all kinds of facilities and equipment and keep them in good condition.

Secondly, the choice of circulating water and disinfection equipment should meet certain requirements.
· simple equipment, safe and reliable, simple operation and maintenance.
· the measurement device is accurate and flexible.
· the dispensing system can be automatically controlled and safe and reliable.
· at least one set of spare equipment is set up for chlorine adding machine. The machine should have a steady and uninterrupted water supply. The running and closing of the machine should be connected with the running and closing of the circulating water pump.

Disinfect the pool water
The selection of disinfectant should meet the requirements of use.
· strong sterilization and disinfection ability, and have the function of continuous sterilization.
· no water and environmental pollution, and no water quality change.
· little or no stimulation to human body.
· less corrosion on building structures, equipment and pipes.

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