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A backyard swimming pool should be providing fun and exercise and is a magnet for friends and family. However, the fun is not only about swimming itself, but also the surroundings. If the facilities are too noisy or “less aesthetic”… a beautiful swimming mood will be ruined.

Nowadays, design is more and more effective in promoting business. It has the power to make products unforgettable, especially when the design can stand out from the crowd. According to US National Endowment for the Arts, some design-led companies, such as Apple, Tesla, and Nike, outperformed the S&P 500 Index by a whopping 219% between 2004 and 2014.

And The Design Management Institute also conducted a survey, reporting that from 2003 to 2013, 15 design-centered brands had a massive 228% ROI (Return On Investment) gain compared to the S&P. The statistics from 2005 to 2015 also suggests the same trend: design-centered companies outperform the S&P by an extraordinary 211%. So obviously businesses who use design well tend to beat out their competition.


Similar “good-looking preference” is also prevalent in pool heat pump industry. When almost all pool heat pumps are in the same key, how can you capture the prospects’ attention at the first sight and trigger their desire to purchase? The answer is an subverting attractive design with new technologies!

Design Also Has Impacts On Pool Heat Pump Sales2

Unique Pad Design by Aquark

From Aquark, the unique Pad Design frees you from scratching the head over differentiating the products. With the innovative pad design, air isn’t pulled in from the front, but from the lateral sides or the back. Thanks to the InverPad® and the newest InverPad® Turbo technology, the inverter pool heat pump series achieve higher performance in a revolutionary industrial design. The unique pad design makes a splash in pool heat pump marketplace, boosting Aquark’s sales to rocket ahead — 80,000 units of InverPad® have been sold in the year 2021 alone and witnessed a 200% increase.  


Aquark’s latest inverter pool heat pump Mr. Perfect with InverPad® Turbo Tech

But InverPad® Turbo Tech not only stands out for its eyes-catching appearance, but also strong performance:

  • Super silent — 38.4dB(A), 20 times quieter than on/off heat pump
  • Super energy saving — COP up to 16, 68% less energy consumption
  • Four seasons operation — able to heat the pool even under harsh temperature at -15℃

The one thing you never hear is that sales went down with good design. To advance with the trends, pool heat pumps combining good taste and powerful performance should be the ideal pick. Aquark offers you high-quality design and has every confidence to give you an actual return on your investment.

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