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It is very vital to know what kind of pool heat pump is the best option for you and your pool. The biggest factor you must keep in mind is all about energy consumption and heating efficiency.

There are multiple benefits to using an inverter pool heat pump instead of traditional on/off pool heat pumps or other methods available. The biggest upper hand of using inverter heat pumps lies in the significantly lower power consumption, less money and extreme silence.

Despite offering you all the main benefits mentioned, the overall performance of the equipment is still better than traditional pool heat pumps. In this article, we are aiming to know about inverter technology and all the benefits of inverter pool heat pumps.

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What is Inverter Technology?

In simple terms, inverter technology is a kind of technology that helps a pool heat pump adjust the running speed according to the actual demands of the pool. This means that all the components of the inverter pool heat pumps (mainly compressors and fans) regulate their operating intensity to deliver only the amount of power needed to heat your pool, not more.

As a result, your pool heat pump needs less energy. In other words, the inverter compressor along with an efficient heat exchanger will make the pool heat pump work under a higher Coefficient of Performance (COP). The Coefficient of Performance is a number defining the efficiency of the heat pump. The higher the COP, the more efficient and optimized the heating performance.

What Are the Top 5 Benefits?

Inverter pool heat pumps offer numerous benefits, making them highly cost-effective. They consume low electricity, deliver high heating power and efficiency, adjust the temperature automatically, work very quietly, and offer many more benefits.

Low Energy Consumption

The cutting-edge inverter technology used in pool heat pumps significantly reduces the amount of energy usage. The inverter technology does this very simply and efficiently. Once the preset temperature is achieved, the technology makes the heat pumps run at a lower speed in order only to maintain the current temperature and save energy. This way, the heat pump does not need to work under a fixed load, as it does not need to.


Reduction of Running Costs

Most people may mistakenly think that purchasing an inverter swimming pool heat pump instead of a traditional one will eventually lead to a high increase in their expenditure. However, the truth is that in the long run, the inverter heat pump can noticeably lower costs. It is simply because the inverter pool heat pump absorbs an amount of free air and then produces much higher amounts of heat, all using less energy and being more eco-friendly.

What’s more, the compressor used in an inverter pool heat pump generates a higher total Coefficient of Performance (COP), hence reducing energy consumption and cost. Additionally, the good news is that the maintenance and durability of inverter pool heat pumps are much better compared to traditional pool heat pumps. This way, you save all the money you could potentially spend to repair your traditional pool heat pump.

The result is a significant reduction of not only energy but also cost, as the equipment consumes less energy and needs fewer maintenance fees. Therefore, your electricity bill will be more affordable compared to using a traditional pool heat pump.

Automatic Temperature Adjustment

This is the most essential difference between inverter pool heat pumps and traditional pool heat pumps. The inverter technology used in the pump can maintain the preset temperature with a minimum energy cost.

In other words, the inverter pool heat pump can monitor the temperature of the water and then heat the water intelligently to the preset temperature. Even after that, the pump decreases and increases its working load effectively to keep the temperature of the swimming pool at the preset temperature.

Low Noise

Inverter pool heat pumps generate significantly low noise since the speed at which they work is low. Apart from that, these heat pumps are equipped with compressors with higher efficiency and lower noise. Some models are even quieter than a refrigerator.

To know how vital this feature is, suppose that you are going to place your pool heat pump adjacent to your pool, or tend to prevent yourself from disturbing people living around you. In this case, the inverter pool heat pumps are the best option to go as they are superbly quiet.


High Applicability

Since inverter pool heat pumps come with versatile benefits and capabilities, the demand for them is increasing constantly. The perfect sizing and compact design of these pumps help the owners save more space.

Buyers have to consider the size of their swimming pools once they are going to purchase an inverter pool heat pump, since the size of the pump should be chosen based on the size of the pool. For example, those who have a villa can choose many inverter pumps according to the size of their villas, including Mr. Perfect by Aquark as an example.


It is extremely worth it to use an inverter pool heat pump to heat your swimming pool. It is totally obvious that the overall price of an inverter pool heat pump is not low, due to having the most cutting-edge technology available. Despite that, it is highly worth it as your overall expenses are decreased in the long run as the pump is high-quality and works highly efficiently.

Mr. Perfect InverPad Turbo by Aquark is one of the best pool heat pumps currently on the market. The InverPad technology used in this pump has made it one of the most silent pumps with the best noise-canceling technology ever. You can hear almost no mechanical noise. Even better, the COP of Mr. Perfect is up to 16, making it consume 69 percent less energy compared to traditional pool heat pumps. In other words, Mr. Perfect has even broken the records of all other inverter pool heat pumps on the market, let alone traditional ones.