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It is Aquark’s first technical training tour in Europe. We have visited several clients in Germany, Austria and Hungary in the past few days. We can not say thank you enough for the warm welcome and all the support we have received during the trip.

Aquark’s Inverters Won High Recognition from Technicians

The most encouraging is the high recognition from technicians – they all love Aquark’s inverters, praising them as the best in their peers! And it is also thrilling to know Mr. Silence is widely recognized as the most stylish and silent inverter pool heat pump! The fantastic design of aluminum-alloy casing has excellent anti-UV effect, makes it durable in use. There will be no deformation, discoloration or ageing phenomenon compared to plastic or other metal casing. What a pleasure to present you with such an extraordinary inverter pool heat pump!

Striving to Exceed Customer Expectation

We are always striving to exceed the expectations of clients. As one of our supporting services, by providing clients with product and technical training, they will be more proficient in product function and usage, so as to provide better service to pool users.

Furthermore, such a face-to-face communication is a better way to know more about customers’ needs, being productive for big-picture planning.

Welcome to Join Aquark Technical Training Tour

It is only our first technical training tour. Coming up, the second tour is ready for kickoff. Please stay connected with us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter for any update. If you would like to join our technical training tour, please feel free to contact us via sales@aquark.com.