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We are excited to know that our first European training tour is reported by Eurospa Pool News, the premier European journal for professionals in the pool & spa industry!

We are greatly encouraged by the highly recognition of such a leading professional media in the industry. It aroused the great interest in Mr. Silence all around the Europe. Everyone wanted to experience the SIMPLE SILENCE brought by Mr. Silence. Is it really the most silent pool heat pump? How did it manage to run so quietly? They came to us with these questions and were ultimately impressed by his superior performance.

So far, the response has been greater than we expected. Mr. Silence, the first slab design inverter and unique air-stream pool heat pump is revolutionary in pool industry. Nevertheless, we are still on the road to continuous innovation. We are making every endeavor to bring creative design for best customer experience. New products will be launched very soon, stay connected with us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter!

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