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Up to 60% Percentage of a human body consists of water. As what Sylvia Earle said, “No water, no life. No blue, no green.” There is indeed a close affinity between human and water.

Water is a healer to refresh us. Actually, swimming and spa are among the most popular water sports considering their benefits for bodies. While swimming seems a common activity in our courtyard, spa conjures up image of luxury resort accompanied by massages, facials body scrub services. But things are changing, DIY spa is springing up across the globe: moisturize your skin with essential oil diffuser and engross yourself incontemplation.

A successful spa DIY is attributable to a poetic and tranquil environment without disturbance. Recently, Aquark InverPad pool heat pump strives for pool heat pump that blends swimming with spa, two distinct versions of your pool all year round.

Core InverPad technology achieves swimming pool usage in four seasons. In torrid summer or chilly winter, you can select swimming or spa option. Both versions enable a dreaming silent environment with imperceptible heat pump sound as low as 40 dB(A), you can mediate in gentle water and cleave up all concerns.

Swimming version: all body parts including arms, legs, torso are engaged while swimming, thus getting all muscle groups exercising in a balanced way. No pressure on joints avoids irreversible body damage and steady respiration regulation enhances cardiopulmonary function.

Spa version: it is widely recognized that 40℃ water serves as an ideal spa environment where spa therapy takes all effect. Complying with that, Aquark sets its spa temperature at exactly 40℃. Soaking in water accelerates blood circulation, relieves pain related with chronic disease like arthritis.

Are you still worried that there are no appropriate outdoor activities in frozen winter? Are you too occupied for a spa appointment? Aquark eliminates all worries by an InverPad heat pump operating from -10℃ to 43℃. A warm spa or carefree swimming is now at your fingertips.

One single Aquark InverPad pool heat pump, two double pleasure.

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