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For swimming pool heat pump suppliers, manufacturing is often the last and most important part of business. To meet current and future customer needs, Aquark launched a new manufacturing line with high productivity. By offering international standard of service and meticulous attention to detail, the new line will help Aquark reach the optimum manufacturing capacity.

As one of the most active heat pump suppliers, Aquark adopted mechanization and manual implements in sectors of production. With standardized and automated applications, each part of the production line is well organized to ensure high productivity and quality products.

Advanced and efficient production workshop to enhance efficiency
☑ Greater plant transparency to see accurately what is happening on the plant floor.
☑ A higher level of production to achieve customer satisfaction;
☑ Speed up production time to ensure delivery.

With the arrival of the peak production season, our production lines are primed to reach their maximum speed. By adding new production line, our manufacturing capacity of pad pool heat pumps will be further increased to meet global partner’s booming demand.