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After getting to know Aquark, we realized that we were dealing with a completely different manufacturer with a new philosophy, and we were guaranteed success with their heat pumps. – Kerex, Hungary.

Aquark is certainly an innovator in terms of utility design. Such quiet functioning of the device is a real novelty on the market, especially here in Poland. – Grupa Systherm, Poland.

Looking for pool heat pumps that combined optimal operating performance and distinctive design, Mr. Silence of Aquark got our interest. – Mechanical Solutions, Greece.

The worldwide success of Aquark’s InverPad® and InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pumps are far from alone, it offers a window into why cutting-edge technology innovation, a novel Pad appearance, and the ultimately silent experience are essential ingredients to their success.

What kind of heat pump manufacturer is Aquark to its partners? What are their opinions on Aquark’s products and services? We spoke to a number of Aquark’s partners. Let’s hear from them regarding their experience partnering with Aquark.

A Utility Design Innovator with a New Philosophy

For Kerex, a market-leading wholesale swimming pool company in Hungary, Aquark is a wholly different pool heat pump manufacturer with a fresh mindset. Aquark offers a non-traditional product that is radically distinct from other heat pump suppliers in terms of performance, design, and technology. Moreover, the technical characteristics, data, and values given by Aquark are identical to reality.

The Mr. Silence and Mr. Perfect heat pumps stand out from the competition with their incredibly quiet, barely audible operation and high COP values,” as stated in the video interview Kerex highly affirmed the superior performance of Aquark products. Now, Aquark Mr. Silence and Mr. Perfect pool heat pumps are among Kerex’s outstanding product group of the energy-saving heat pump family.

Kerex, Aquark’s brand distributor in Hungary, was introducing Mr.Perfect InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump to the dealers at Spring Partner Meeting 2022.

Grupa Systherm, a leader in Poland’s HVACR market, shares this opinion. “Aquark is certainly an innovator in terms of utility design,” exclaimed Grupa Systherm in the interview, such quiet functioning of the device is a real novelty on the market, especially here in Poland.

Poland experiences extremely-cold winters, with regular lows of 0°C and occasionally even -20°C. “Heating the pool water at even -10℃ allows swimming all year long! This is a great convenience, especially in a mild climate like ours,” Grupa Systherm was surprised by the wide range of operational capabilities available with the Aquark swimming pool heat pumps.

A Garden-friendly Pool Heat Pump Strikes the Eye

The appearance of Aquark pool heat pumps boasts a distinguishing feature that sets it apart from similar products, all because of its unique design and the hidden fan. “Interesting design and a modern yet elegant casing – this immediately strikes the eye! I thought it would fit into any space and not ruin the arrangement,” just as Grupa Systherm claims, Aquark Mr. Silence and Mr. Perfect leave good first impressions on everyone who sees it.

Thanks to the unique Pad design, the placement of the heat pumps is no longer a challenge for the user. Kerex told us, “the attractive design and the new airflow direction have made Mr. Silence and Mr. Perfect heat pumps garden-friendly. Hungarian users love it.

The garden-friendly Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps from Aquark win the hearts of Hungarian users with the attractive design and the new airflow direction.

A Pool Heat Pump Provides Optimal Super-silent Performance

Customers are delighted with the daily use of their Aquark pool heat pumps. Both individual customers and business owners (e.g., owners of guesthouses with swimming pools) are well satisfied with the purchase of the equipment and its reliable operation. Especially in these times of rising energy prices, the low energy consumption of the Aquark pool heat pumps is a big plus. It will undoubtedly be the most efficient pool heater of choice.

Even experts in the field of air conditioning have praised the remarkable quality of Aquark pool heat pumps. “My most recent customer is the owner of a successful air conditioning business,” Kerex shared a story,within one week of purchasing and installing his first Mr. Perfect, he purchased a second Mr. Perfect for his son’s swimming pool.” The customer explained that he could only compare Aquark units to the highest quality air conditioners made by the most professional manufacturers and that he would even be interested in selling heat pumps for swimming pools.

Mechanical Solutions, Aquark’s partner from Greece, displayed the Aquark Mr. Silence InverPad® Pool Heat Pumps at the Climatherm Energy 2022.

Mechanical Solutions, a Greek company that supplies heating solutions for swimming pools, mentioned in the interview that some clients have even called to ensure that they have completed the heat pump installation since he did not hear anything. “After the installation of the pool heat pump, at a very close distance to the swimming pool, the client could not believe that the heat pump was working with nothing being heard.” The revolutionary InverPad® and InverPad® Turbo technologies created by Aquark make Mr. Silence and Mr. Perfect super quiet in operation, soon becoming the best pool heaters on the market for silent heating performance.

A Trustworthy Partner with Fast Support

Speaking of Aquark’s after-sales service, the business partners are even more complimentary. Despite the distance between respective headquarters, Grupa Systherm claims that the exchange of information is very smooth. They can always count on professional and fast support from both the technical and marketing sides, as “Aquark is a modern company and a trustworthy partner” to Grupa Systherm.

Thanks to Aquark’s low product failure rate (less than 0.5%) and fast customer service response time, Kerex receives clear, straightforward technical advice on fixing the malfunction and can immediately resolve customer issues. And fortunately, Kerex only has to contact the technical service from Aquark for breakdowns on 1 to 2 occasions.

A Tech-savvy “iOutdoor Living” Solution Provider

Innovation and cutting-edge core technology nourish the brand and business value that sustains its growth. Looking forward, top pool heater brand Aquark will keep innovating and providing partners with pool products at the highest level for shared success. As a dynamic and technology-driven global provider of “iOutdoor Living” solutions, Aquark will be showcasing its new Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump and premiering a variety of attractive novelties at Piscine Global Europe 2022. Come visit booth 6G82 from 15–18 November in Lyon, France. Learn more information about the New iOutdoor Tech.

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