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Many pool heat pumps will need to go through a “defrost” cycle during operation in winter months. Especially when the temperature gets lower, it is easy to frost.

Is Defrosting Necessary?

Of course!

The frosting will block the evaporator, causing the air flow to decrease and the heat exchange efficiency to be lowered, thereby reducing the heating capacity and operating efficiency of the pool heat pump. Hence, it is necessary for the pool heat pump to defrost from time to time.

Two Common Methods to Defrost

Today, there are two common methods of frost removal.

Hot gas defrosting – Use a by-pass to skip expansion valve and heat exchanger. The refrigerant brings the heat of compressor directly to the evaporator to defrost. It will run like a dehumidifier.

Reverse cycle defrosting – Using 4-way-valve to reverse the circle, the pool heat pump will temporarily turn to cooling mode. It absorbs the heat from heat exchanger and uses the hot air to defrost the evaporator. It is still a pool heat pump with high COP.

Hot gas defrosting has a good operational stability and defrosting effect. However, more electric energy is needed than that for reverse cycle defrosting. Let’s make a simple comparison with a table:

Introducing A Good Helper in Quick & Efficient Defrosting

We know that continuous technology innovation is necessary for success. But it doesn’t mean we will overlook customer demand and user need. As aprofessional pool heat pump manufacturer that provides customers with intimate services, we pay equal attention to the defrosting function of pool heat pumps.

The full series of Aquark inverter pool heat pumps provide an effective and energetically optimized defrosting method. It incorporates an active, reverse cycle defrost system. Under precise defrost control, defrosting can be started in time when defrosting is required so as to avoid unnecessary defrosting. It is 5 times faster than hot gas defrosting, and has little effect on overall heating. It still can have a higher COP under long-term operation!

Aquark inverter pool heat pumps, a good helper in quick & efficient defrosting. Welcome to contact us for more details via email to sales@aquark.com