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Good to hear that Aquark InverPad heat pumps sell like hot cakes in Europe! Thanks every customer who have shared the joy with us! The cheerful news excited everyone at Aquark!

Due to COVID-19, many people canceled their summer vacations and stayed at home instead. Sunshine days are ahead, everyone wants to take a dive or just relax in pools, especially when it is unsure if their public pools will be open this summer. As a result, many people intend to install in-ground pools at home or give their home pools a tune-up for the season. The business in swimming pool sector is booming beyond expectation, some customers even said it is the best year in pool business in the past 13 years! The market demand is growing, numerous orders are placing, customers are running out of stock!

In order to provide customers with sufficient goods in time, now we are speeding up production to meet the rising market demand of every customer. Everyone at Aquark is busy but everything is in good order. Fastest delivery is all set, Aquark InverPad heat pumps will be seeing you soon.

For more information about Aquark InverPad heat pumps, please visit: https://www.aquark.com/born-for-difference-born-for-inverpad-origin-of-aquark/

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