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Industrial design has gained momentum in the past few decades, becoming an important component of consumer experience. Enterprises of industries attach greater importance to design while improving product quality and every new launch of products with exquisite design catches people’s eyes. When talking about industrial design, Apple comes to our mind immediately, who leads an idea of minimalist design and keeps a tight rein on every curve and every groove. By eliminating stereotype that industrial design is always boring, simple design of Apple gets viral on the market and develops into an icon followed by almost all electronic equipment manufacturer.

Likewise, in pool heat pump market, heat pump’s design basically didn’t change in the past 50 years until Aquark broke the stereotype and introduced groundbreaking pool heater design, who brought InverPad technology to global pool market, which perfectly combined unique Pad design, Stepless DC Inverter and noise cancelling technology together. As the first one to apply the pad design to the heat pump body, Aquark makes a pool heat pump look like an art piece in users’ garden. By blending a revolutionary casing design, invisible fan and round touch controller, InverPad heat pumps enter in perfect harmony with users’ garden and solve many issues that have been dragged for decades. And the design of its aluminium-alloy casing (with anti-UV effect) gives it a high resistance to wear, deformation, discoloration and aging, compared to plastic housings or other metals. For sure, you will easily distinguish the unmistakable design of Aquark from other traditional pool heat pumps, regardless of what version it is. And you do not even have to see the Aquark logo to be sure about it.

Attracted by the appearance, fallen for the core technology. Not only does Aquark inverter pool heat pump have an attractive look, it also has a core technology that no one else can match. Our patented InverPad tech makes Mr. Silence‘ COP reach 16. Unlike on/off pool heat pump, Aquark inverter pool pump adjusts the heating capacity from 25% to 100% automatically, the COP at low speed is up to 16. At the same time, the backward airflow technology and Stepless DC inverter technology enable the sound level of Aquark heat pump reduce to 40dB(A) at 1 meter, almost inaudible.

As a pioneer in pool heat pump industry, Aquark always keeps an innovative mind and look at the world with our own eyes, instead of drifting with the tide. Innovation and trust of our customers serve as key factors of our achievements. Building on current achievements, soon we will launch Mr. Perfect, a new generation of Aquark pool heat pump of superb quality and revolutionary appearance design. Stay tuned to get a dreaming silent swimming experience with Aquark!