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Adhering to the spirit of professionalism, Aquark, the Pad Inverter Creator, has committed itself to the R&D and manufacturing of inverter pool heat pumps. It has developed a full range of inverter pool heat pump products from the high-end type—InverPad® Mr. Silence to the commercial type —InverMax, meeting myriad customer demands. What’s more, with a global vision, Aquark aligns its production standards with the international community.

Why can Aquark achieve sustainable growth in the pool heat pump segment?

High-level R&D

Aquark has a strong R&D team, whose team members are seasoned with more than 20 years of industry experience. Adventurous and innovative, they always strive to make breakthroughs in the pool heat pump industry and have successfully developed InverPad®, a new pool heat pump technology born for silence.

Leading-edge Technology and Fashionable Design

The InverPad® Tech, Aquark’s latest self-developed technology, combines unique pad design, Stepless-DC-Inverter, and noise-cancelling system, making heat pumps both silent and aesthetically-pleasing. As hard-core technology, the InverPad® Tech constitutes a solid foundation for the production of premium products. It is one of the most silent and energy-saving technologies that makes Aquark a competitive pool heat pump manufacturer in the global market.

Comprehensive Quality Control

The inverter pool heat pump manufacturer adopts strict quality control measures. Having built up a comprehensive quality management system, Aquark’s heat pump boasts a relatively long service period and a very low failure rate. The company insists that quality control is vital to the satisfaction of consumer demands for better products.

Prompt Service

Aquark owns a specialized team accountable for customer-oriented service. With a sense of responsibility, team members always try their best to answer any question or address any problems from customers in time. Therefore, better user experience is ensured by prompt service from the specialized heat pump manufacturer.

With prominent R&D capability, leading-edge technology, successful quality control, and a sense of service, Aquark is and will be a pace-setter in the pool heat pump manufacturing industry. 

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