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These days, as Airbnb gets ubiquitous, the Airbnb of pools has no doubt provoked curiosity. The first platform that rolled out Airbnb of pool— Swimply has gained over 10,000 followers on Facebook. If you are a private pool owner and want to dip a toe in the water of pool Airbnb, here are some tips that may trigger bookings.

A Quick Glance at Consumers’ Needs

Click Swimply.com, go through the comments of the most popular pools, and you will find that most consumers pay great attention to appearance, environment, temperature and the attitude of the hosts. Since the appearance of your pool cannot change much, to make your pool stand out, you should definitely work on the water in your pool.

Take Care of the Temperature

On Swimply, almost all pools are equipped with pool heat pumps. Folks would also like to book pools in chilly winter and cool autumn. What’s more, many guests compliment the perfect temperature of the pool. Therefore, if you want to start your pool airbnb journey yet you don’t have any pool heater, it’s time to consider buying one.

(The left picture shows the figuration of a pool, which is tagged by modest price and boasts beautiful scene, yet it didn’t attract many customers. The right picture describes a simple pool with 75 5-star comments.)

The meaning of airbnb is sharing. And once you share your pool with others, it needs to run for much longer and perform much stronger. Therefore, energy efficiency will no doubt top the list of your demands for pool heaters. COP is the indicator you should notice. COP suggests how much heat can a heater produce with 1 kW electricity. The higher the COP is, the more energy efficient the heater will be.

With Aquark’s latest technology — InverPad® Turbo, it boasts the highest COP of 16. As a result, it releases more heat while saving 32% more energy than common inverter pool heat pumps. Also, it is capable of running under the temperature from -15°C to 43°C, making it a true 4 seasons inverter pool heat pump. With its stable 4 seasons support, your pool will certainly win higher rates from customers and you may expect higher renting profits meanwhile. With the help of good comments and your nice service, new customers will follow and patrons are also on their way.

Maintain the Uniqueness of Private Pool

Many guests enjoyed the silence brought by the pool they rented. Compared with public swimming pool, the brightest uniqueness of private pool is the tranquility. To maintain this feature, you’d better pay extra attention to the noise of pool equipment. Inverter Pool heat pumps powered by InverPad® Turbo solely creates sound of 38.6 dB(A), making your pool as silent as a library. If you are annoyed by the noise, Aquark is a good choice.

Another feature of private pool is “full control”. A lot of guests are fascinated by smart control system of pool. Aquark’s inverter pool heat pump has build in WIFI that allows remote smart control. In accordance with the comments on Swimply, guests really enjoy being served by smart equipment. So, it’s time for hosts to consider adding smart components to your pool and make it more attractive.

Generally speaking, fine environment, right swimming pool heater and proper service will bring good reputations and repeat guests. Hope you will find your dream pool heat pump and booster your orders right away.

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