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Jumping into water and swimming in coolness is enjoyable. But when summertime passes, the low temperature can always be a buzz-killer, even with a highly efficient system like a pool heat pump — because some just cost too much. Here are 6 cheap ways to heat a pool without “damaging” your wallet.First of all, the design of your swimming pool is important. A proper design can rid you of high pool heating costs.

1.Pool location

Before heating your pool, have a careful thought over how you deicide the location of it. A place where sunshine is sufficient can not only reduce heat loss in the pool water, but also help increasing the pool water temperature.

Apart from giving your pool a “sunbathing”, it’s also ideal to shield your pool from the wind. This is not only to prevent the wind from lowering the temperature of the ambient air and pool water, but also to prevent it from creating ripples or small waves on the pool surface. Ripples and waves increase the area of water exposed to the cooler air, and speed up evaporation which brings more heat loss.

But to make the best use of the heat, the pool color also matters.

2.Pool Color

Pool color also affects the amount of solar gain, so choose color appropriately. Remember that black gets hot while light colors stay cool. If you live in a place where warmth surrounds all year round, a black pool might not be suitable, which, on the contrary, best fits in some cold regions. So making good use of the sun and getting natural heat can cut down your electric bills a lot.

Another efficient and eco-friendly way to heat your pool is using inverter pool heat pumps, which reaches high energy efficiency even under harsh conditions. By utilizing the natural heat of air, pool heat pumps can work in winter without the help of a warm sun. Aquark’s inverter pool heat pump  Mr. Perfect is a trustworthy choice which can warm up pool water even at a freezing temperature of -15℃. Under Mr. Perfect’s help, the location of the pool will no longer be a bother, and the icy winter will no longer hinder you from enjoying swimming all year round.

6 Money-Saving Way To Heat A Pool

3.Pool Insulation

To save energy and costs in the long run, putting some insulation under and around the structure of the pool is a good choice, for it can prevent heat from escaping. By using some rigid panel insulation, the heat in your swimming pool can be maintained just like hot water in a thermos.

And second, besides the pool design, using a proper pool pump and a proper way to heat the pool is also essential.

Efficient Ways to Heat Your Pool & Reduce The Pool Heating Cost

1.Choose a Pool Heat Pump with High COP

The higher COP the pool heat pump is, the more energy-saving it is. Compared with the normal COP 3.0-7.0 on the market, Aquark’s Mr. Perfect, by applying the New InverPad® Turbo Technology, can reach a high COP up to 16, which means 68% less energy consumption. Therefore, accompanied by Mr. Perfect, a chilly winter won’t bring bills rocketing, but a comfortably economic swimming experience for four seasons.

2.Choose the Best Time of Day for Heating

Undoubtedly, the best time to warm up pool water is when the temperature reaches its height of a day. Noon is the best time when you can easily get direct and the most sun rays. By absorbing more natural heat from the sun rays, the energy needed from pool heat pump will certainly reduce a lot. And the pool can keep itself warm for a longer time but with less energy, since the temperature of pool water has reached a certain level.

3.Install Pool Cover

Arguably evaporation is the largest source of energy loss from a pool. According to some sources, it’s estimated that around 75% of heat loss from a pool is attributed to evaporation. So a pool cover, like a solid pool blanket, might be an essential tool for pool owners. It also serves as a “safety belt” that prevents children from accidentally falling into the pool.

We would love to offer cheap ways to heat a pool to help you save your electricity bills to the most. But speaking of the “best way to heat a pool”, a pool heat pump like Mr. Perfect can confidently ensure you an economic and powerful heating system at the same time. If you want more tips on how to heat a pool, don’t hesitate to contact us on our website!

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